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The last thing any company wants is to need to send an apology email. It undermines the company’s brand credibility, and it’s a little humiliating. But no one is perfect, so every company will send one eventually.

Apology emails are less painful when you’ve prepared. But before we talk preparations, let’s consider the main reasons companies apologize:

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We’ve entered an era where business relevance is in major part measured by social media presence. Social media has officially become a significant part of business strategy, yet the social industry is a continually changing scene that can be hard to fully capitalize on. This presents a challenge to business owners who know they need to have a presence, but just don’t have the time to educate themselves or to execute what their companies need.[…] Continue Reading »

Today’s consumer is hungry for product information – trends such as farm-to-table and clean eating all point to a population that wants to know more about where their food comes from. Consumer packaged goods brands’ increasing web presence and use of social media and mobile applications are making it easier than ever for shoppers to get information about products, whether they are shopping in a store or online.[…] Continue Reading »

You don’t have to look hard to see that there are tough conversations that need to be had all around you. You may tend to avoid them, which isn’t a good strategy if you’re a leader. You must model the work of a leader, and that includes stepping into uncomfortable dialog with others.

Perhaps someone who reports to you is not working up to their potential, or an individual on your team is disruptive to efforts to move the team forward.[…] Continue Reading »

Every day, businesses launch and established companies make the decision to re-brand in order to stay culturally relevant. So how do you ensure your brand has a strong voice and compelling content that best reflects your key messaging?

How do you convince consumers to actually care about your product or service in this highly competitive climate? The first step is to decide what your brand story is, be consistent in telling it and consider three vital elements:

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