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Are you struggling with being a social business? Social media has enabled unprecedented twoway connection opportunities between organizations, their customers and prospects. Today everyone wants to be a social business.

However, the pace of growth, engagement and development on social media often leads to a sense of being overwhelmed.

The challenges with being social:

  • Interacting with customers — responding to customer queries in almost real-time
  • The volume of conversations spread across an increasing number of blogs, forums and social media sites
  • Creating content — daily posts on social networks, blog posts, guest articles
  • Responding to customer queries

Despite the above-mentioned challenges, there are some companies that excel at being a social business, and they have a secret ingredient: an army of their supportive customers, or brand advocates, who are enabling them to be social.[…] Continue Reading »

Taso Du Val is CEO and a co-founder of Toptal, which provides companies with elite software engineers and developer teams on a full- or part-time basis. I recently asked him about what challenges face young companies that have found initial success, and what that means for the CEO’s focus and behavior.

So, a company has found initial success, but now the task is maintaining and expanding upon that.[…] Continue Reading »

This guest blog post, by Doug Pruden and Terry Vavra, follows up on a previous SmartBlog on Social Media post: How to find and activate your best potential advocates.

Recommendations, raving reviews, word of mouth — call it what you will, positive comments about our brands not only make us feel good, but help to fortify our businesses.[…] Continue Reading »

EngageSciences’ report that only 4.7% of a brand’s fans generate all of its social media referrals forces marketers to deal with a harsh reality: As much as we like to talk about them, customer advocates are a rarefied segment. Other reports have been somewhat more generous, estimating that perhaps as many as 20% might discuss a brand in an online forum.[…] Continue Reading »

The only place I can buy shoes in my size is the United States of America. Sounds crazy, I know, but we don’t have large-size shoes in stores back home in India. But what do large shoes have to do with your social media brand-advocacy program? Everything!

Brand advocates and social media

Do social media and brand advocacy sound like strange bedfellows?[…] Continue Reading »