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Dan Schawbel is an optimist, and this is a good thing for readers of his new book, “Promote Yourself: The New Rules For Career Success.”

Americans know that unemployment and underemployment are persistent (and maybe inevitable), robots are going to take all our jobs, and wage growth isn’t what it used to be. Plus, there’s the matters of competing with the rest of the world, improving education and determining a vision for the jobs and safety nets of the future.[…] Continue Reading »

Miki Agrawal has launched multiple businesses, is an angel investor and also the author of “Do Cool Sh*t,” being published this week by HarperBusiness and available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Indiebound. I recently asked her about her book, the lessons in entrepreneurship she’s learned, and what advice she has for aspiring entrepreneurial minds.[…] Continue Reading »

Empowerment is bunk. Most people who’re serious about leadership know this, but it’s not because empowerment is a bad idea. It’s because most leaders don’t have the skill and courage to do it correctly. At its best, when we empower followers, we give them authoritative space to figure out for themselves that true leadership power comes from the inside, through a transformative and entirely personal process.[…] Continue Reading »

Michael O’Malley and William Baker are the co-authors of “Every Leader Is An Artist,” which proposes a template of baseline leadership qualities and shows just how interconnected they are with the qualities of great art. I recently asked them about their book, the lessons within it and the state of leadership today.

For all the scandals and failures, many fallen leaders are not held fully to financial and legal account, and the golden parachute has not been eradicated.[…] Continue Reading »

When Scholastic decided to launch its On Our Minds blog, the goal was to engage in the millions of online conversations about literacy, kids, education, and books in a meaningful way.

But the company didn’t want to just jump in with a comment here and there — it wanted to show it would be there for the long term.[…] Continue Reading »