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Google any of the following phrases: real estate, home loan, insurance, handyman, donation, hosting, lawyer, credit. Imagine you offer one of these services.

Recognized names often dominate search results. Service consolidators, companies with many physical locations and firms with magnificent ad budgets can leave smaller brands wondering whether competition is even feasible.

A business owner might take this on as search engine optimization, and go looking for an SEO geek to fight his battles.[…] Continue Reading »

Social media has become a necessity for financial advisers to stay “top of mind” with clients and prospects, but they need to be able to “put the time and dedication into it” in order to make their efforts successful, said Amy McIlwain, president of Financial Social Media.

LinkedIn is a popular choice for financial-services firms because its users are there for business purposes, making it the “trade show” of social media platforms, McIlwain said Saturday during NAIFA’s Career Conference and Annual Meeting in San Diego.[…] Continue Reading »

Most social media managers know the power of content marketing. By creating and sharing our best content, we generate great resources for our social feeds and huge value for our audience. But are we really getting all of the value we can out of our content? We may not be, and the fix may be as simple as adjusting how we approach our social media sharing.[…] Continue Reading »

By know you should know that blogging is one of the most important inbound marketing tactics available to business owners, CEOs and marketing executives.

Our research has shown that the more you blog, the more traffic you can expect on your website. Some of the recent changes to the Google algorithm have supported the importance of blogging, but there are still a set of best practices that ensure you get the biggest bang for your blogging buck.[…] Continue Reading »

Building your business’ reputation through blogging isn’t like those Fidelity commercials where the people look down, and all of a sudden there’s a green path, telling them exactly where to go. It’s not like the State Farm commercials where you can repeat a simple jingle, and someone appears to solve all your problems. Often the path is unclear.[…] Continue Reading »