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There is no secret ingredient for successful content strategy, but there is a tried and true recipe. To create brand authority, increase conversion and promote participation from your readers, you have to make sure that you have the right balance of evergreen and timely content.

What are evergreen and timely content?

Evergreen content is the powerhouse of your Web presence.[…] Continue Reading »

You wrote an article. It’s probably awesome, full of insights and experience readers can’t get anywhere else.

On that first day you published you probably got a hundred readers or so, 16 social shares, two retweets and maybe an e-mail subscriber.

On the second day you probably got 57 readers, 7 social shares, 1 retweet and a quarter of an e-mail subscriber (I’m going off the stats here).[…] Continue Reading »

If you work in pharmaceuticals, food service or just about any field other than traditional or online publishing, that headline might sound like a strange question. But as businesses produce increasingly more content of their own, they open themselves up to greater risks for embarrassment. Typos, malapropisms, rash reactions and just plain bad ideas can haunt a company for a long time.[…] Continue Reading »