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The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2016 kicked off with an evening program Tuesday in Davos. Here are some of the highlights:

UBS sees automation helping the rich getting richer: The theme of this year’s gathering in Davos is the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” UBS Chairman Axel Weber was on topic as he revealed the findings of a report that forecasts automation playing an increased role in the global discussion about income inequality.[…] Continue Reading »

The start of a new year means a new slate of predictions — we were pretty pleased with how the last 2 years of predictions turned out — see our 2014 and 2015 predictions. Now we are back at it again for 10 more predictions.

Here are a few of the things we expect to see make waves in 2016:

1.[…] Continue Reading »

People love to joke that robots are going to someday steal our jobs.

Don’t panic — nobody is being replaced just yet. You can put down your stapler.

But don’t relax, either. Because it’s time to revolutionize the way middle management utilizes Big Data.

The role of data collection and analysis commonly falls on the shoulders of middle managers.[…] Continue Reading »

Every restaurant, supermarket, convenience store, food truck, hospital cafeteria, manufacturer, distributor — every food business — generates a huge amount of data. Data on average checks, typical wait times, cooler temperature, product inventory levels, loyalty card usage rates, social media engagement — the list goes on. And that list grows every day, as new technologies and services enter the market.[…] Continue Reading »

Today, more than ever, information is power: The more we know, the smarter our decisions are. In the past few years, companies have started paying more and more attention to how Big Data molds business decisions and outcomes. A recent study conducted by Gartner found that 64% of companies plan on investing in big data technology, 30% of those have already invested, 19% will invest in the next year and 15% will invest within two years.[…] Continue Reading »