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People love to joke that robots are going to someday steal our jobs.

Don’t panic — nobody is being replaced just yet. You can put down your stapler.

But don’t relax, either. Because it’s time to revolutionize the way middle management utilizes Big Data.

The role of data collection and analysis commonly falls on the shoulders of middle managers.[…] Continue Reading »

Every restaurant, supermarket, convenience store, food truck, hospital cafeteria, manufacturer, distributor — every food business — generates a huge amount of data. Data on average checks, typical wait times, cooler temperature, product inventory levels, loyalty card usage rates, social media engagement — the list goes on. And that list grows every day, as new technologies and services enter the market.[…] Continue Reading »

Today, more than ever, information is power: The more we know, the smarter our decisions are. In the past few years, companies have started paying more and more attention to how Big Data molds business decisions and outcomes. A recent study conducted by Gartner found that 64% of companies plan on investing in big data technology, 30% of those have already invested, 19% will invest in the next year and 15% will invest within two years.[…] Continue Reading »

Nate Silver, the quant savant who made waves with his accurate election predictions in 2008 and 2012 and who now works for ESPN, came to Wednesday’s 4A’s Data Summit looking to qualify not only his own successes, but also the rush to proclaim data as the magical solution to all future problems.

In an intellectual and entertaining 30-minute address, Silver sought to dispute the notion that “size conquers everything else” — that Big Data, by virtue of its existence, can lead to a “magical solution.”

“All the good data in the world wont help you if you’re using faulty assumptions to process it,” he said.[…] Continue Reading »

Some days it seems the promise of Big Data to revolutionize marketers’ understanding of our customers is as huge as the petabytes piling up at our servers. Each day countless observations, measurements, and transactions of all kinds are being appended to what we think we know about our customers. No doubt there is more to learn; insight that we will be able to extract from Big Data.[…] Continue Reading »