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I walked into our family room and caught my daughter and husband mid-conversation.

The topics: discipline and responsibility, areas my daughter, like any 13-year-old, is less than excited to pursue.

My husband issued a challenge to our daughter to find new role models — people who have succeeded, not only because of intelligence but due to hard work and good character.[…] Continue Reading »

Too many Internet retailers rely too heavily on Google to reach their audience. For example, one of our clients faced sinking sales with the recent changes to Google’s algorithms. His strategy over 15 years of selling products online centered completely on search engine optimization, and he neglected integrating social media, with disastrous results.

If you are a retailer who is facing a similar problem, you may be tempted to close down or give up.[…] Continue Reading »

I’ve been using Twitter for more than three years, and I’ve tweeted tens of thousands of times from dozens of accounts. If that makes me an expert, than I guess I am. I prefer to think of myself as someone who enjoys Twitter and likes helping others discover its value.

I often meet people who don’t understand the value of Twitter.[…] Continue Reading »

Late last year, I traveled to Indianapolis for business.

When a friend online heard about my trip, she encouraged me to meet her niece, Margy, a recent college grad.

“She’s beginning to do social media marketing work. I think you’d be able to give her some direction and encouragement.”

Because this friend has encouraged me in countless ways, I eagerly set aside time for dinner with Margy.[…] Continue Reading »

This post is by Becky Robinson, director of social media marketing and community building at The Kevin Eikenberry Group.

Kevin Eikenberry and Guy Harris launched their new book, “From Bud to Boss,” in February. I had joined their team only a couple of months before the scheduled launch, but together we created strategy for using social media to launch the book and build buzz.[…] Continue Reading »