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On the first day of kindergarten, we used Skype to connect with one of my student’s parents, explored our iPads and began learning how to take videos and photos. We shared what we were discovering during our first day together via Twitter. We explored our class blog, added a new book to our Shelfari and discovered a map of the world.[…] Continue Reading »

This blog post is a collaboration between Sharon Contreras, superintendent of the Syracuse City School District in New York and Michael Moody, CEO of Insight Education Group. Here, Moody offers four lessons for implementing the common core and Contreras shares the school district perspective.

Superintendents and school leaders across the country are in various stages of implementing the Common Core State Standards, and many districts have been implementing the common core in advance of PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments, which are now just around the corner.[…] Continue Reading »

The school year is a journey. Unlike most other jobs that are punctuated with days off and vacations, the job of an educator offers a new beginning, middle and end to each year. This is a tremendous opportunity for reflection and renewal for both students and teachers. Everyone gets a chance to wipe the slate clean and start over regardless of what went before.[…] Continue Reading »

This list is not a recipe, but more a map — a way of approaching leading as a learner, not from a pedestal or from the stands, but on the ground.

  1. If you are a swimmer, or not, it is about buoyancy –lightness, grace and flow — and stamina — determination and endurance.
  2. Never ask people to do something you would not do.
  3. […] Continue Reading »

What is puzzling and fascinating about the field of teaching at present is that we must become masters in getting the attention of students, and yet little emphasis is placed on the techniques we can use to shape that attention. Over the course of earning three academic degrees I sat for dozens of courses on education and none of them ever included a refined study of the art of paying or getting attention.[…] Continue Reading »