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This month, SmartBlog on Education is exploring classroom design and management — just in time for the new school year. In this blog post, Andrew Cohen, a former educator and current CEO of web and mobile-education platform Brainscape, suggests ways to “prevent random ‘rules’ from just sounding like ‘noise.’”

Nearly every activity in life — from playing Candy Land, to studying for law school, to learning computer programming — requires us to learn a series of interconnecting rules that comprise a system.[…] Continue Reading »

SmartBlog on Education will shine a light on back-to-school teaching and learning trends during July. In this blog post, education leader Fred Ende shares how an interactive professional development summit revealed regional trends and future initiatives.

As the temperature warms here in the Northeast, it’s a great time to talk about what’s heating up regarding teaching and learning for next year.[…] Continue Reading »

School started this week. Excitement reigns — or maybe not.

Schools and classrooms are a beehive of activity. Books are distributed. Bulletin boards are decorated. Rules are posted. Phones are ringing. Texting and tweeting are rampant. Tears and laughter are shared. Teachers worry about the kids they have been assigned. Parents and kids have the same worry, but in reverse.[…] Continue Reading »

Back-to-school shopping is back — spending will reach $74.9 billion this year, according to National Retail Federation estimates, making back-to-school the second biggest consumer spending season of the year, other than the winter holidays. The NRF also reports that consumers are planning to spend more across every product category. While this spend increase is great news for marketers, they will also likely need a to adjust their strategies because how their consumers shop has changed.[…] Continue Reading »

On the first day of kindergarten, we used Skype to connect with one of my student’s parents, explored our iPads and began learning how to take videos and photos. We shared what we were discovering during our first day together via Twitter. We explored our class blog, added a new book to our Shelfari and discovered a map of the world.[…] Continue Reading »