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SmartBrief is talking directly with small and medium-sized businesses to discover their journeys, challenges and lessons. Today’s post is a Q-and-A with Tom Harper, president and CEO of Networld Media Group, a Kentucky-based B2B media company. He has also founded a trade association and nonprofit organization, written “Leading from the Lions’ Den: Leadership Principles from Every Book of the Bible” and co-written “Cash Box: The Invention and Globalization of the ATM.”

Are you a small-business owner and would like to share your story?[…] Continue Reading »

With the online marketing revolution that’s taking place in the professional services industries, social media can’t be ignored. It’s a means to build business relationships, increase firm reputation and visibility, and generate referrals. And while many firms recognize its importance, they’re still struggling with reaping social media’s full benefits. If this rings true for your firm, take a look at our five steps to develop a social media strategy that aligns with your other marketing efforts.[…] Continue Reading »

“This is big-kid marketing.”

That’s what I always tell new hires at my agency, because no matter how hard B2C marketing gets, it can feel like it’s nothing compared to marketing to the enterprise. So what social tools can help do the heavy lifting for B2B? You might be surprised by the number of tailor-made tools out there for communication and engagement.[…] Continue Reading »

When you’re selling industrial office and warehouse supplies, you have to find better ways to engage with your customers than through content about your products. That’s why Grainger’s social media (and business) strategy is making their customers — not their stuff — the heroes.

In her presentation at’s BlogWell conference in Chicago, Sherri Maxson, Grainger’s social business leader, shares how they use social media to make even the most traditionally boring stuff remarkable.[…] Continue Reading »

A packed house at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival came together for tips on how to use social media to further business-to-business marketing, with experts Jamie Grenney, vice president social media and online video at Salesforce; Jason Bartlett, vice president of global social marketing for Xerox; and Jeanette Gibson, senior director social and digital marketing at Cisco Systems, all moderated by Melissa Chanslor, director at Text100.[…] Continue Reading »