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Today, your pipeline depends on digital marketing. Customers aren’t taking the time to talk to your sales team before making a purchase; instead, they’re often relying solely on the information they find about you online to decide whether or not to work with your company.

Because of this, it’s crucial that you understand and maximize your digital marketing strategy to attract and nurture leads through the sales pipeline all the way to close.[…] Continue Reading »

I love automation. I love the productivity it brings. I love working smarter, not harder. I even founded a company all about automation. However, there’s a trend of trying to let automation take over what should be human interaction; this is a disease, and I am not a fan.

There are a few areas where automation makes sense:

  • Back-office tasks: Whether it’s automating the creation of follow-up tasks for new customers or setting up a new consulting project, there are plenty of ways to automate.
  • […] Continue Reading »

This blog series, featuring interviews with speakers from the SES Conference & Expo, scheduled Aug. 15 to 19 in San Francisco, is brought to you by Incisive Media.

The following Q-and-A is with Technorati Media President and Chief Strategy Officer Charles Black. 

Is automation (in whole or in part) a reasonable solution to the problem of social media scalability?[…] Continue Reading »

Traditional marketing doesn’t rely on anecdotal evidence. I don’t think there’s a profession this side of the Census Bureau that loves data about people more.

If there’s an exception to that rule, however, it lies in social media. Print, broadcast and e-mail marketers have had decades to hone their craft and perfect the way they process data.[…] Continue Reading »

As we gear up for Word of Mouth Supergenius: The “How to be Great at Word of Mouth Marketing” Conference on December 16 here in Chicago, our fantastic presenters are sharing some word of mouth tips as previews for the day’s 12 how-to classes, 12 real-world case studies, and 6 brilliant author sessions.

Our lineup of speakers includes word of mouth supergenius John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing: The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide.[…] Continue Reading »