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“The world doesn’t need more content,” says Kevin Hunt, corporate social media manager for General Mills. “It needs more interesting content.” But, as he admits, social media content strategy is a bit more complex than that.

In his presentation at’s Brands-Only Summit, Kevin gives a quick lesson on the fundamentals of managing a social media content strategy.[…] Continue Reading »

One morning, an entire neighborhood in New York woke up with brand new Keurig brewers on their doorsteps. It wasn’t because they won a contest or because they asked for them — it was all a part of Keurig’s surprise and delight mission they carried out in L.A. and Miami.

According to Crystal King, Keurig’s social media manager, giving away brewers is just one way they earn loyal fans and word of mouth (like the 1,000 social media posts and 3 million impressions they earned from this campaign).[…] Continue Reading »

“If someone is going to get a tattoo of your brand, you should figure out a way to celebrate them,” says Jessica Gioglio, social media manager for Dunkin’ Donuts. According to Jessica, their celebratory strategy was inspired by a Facebook fan who sent them a photo of her Dunkin’ tattoo.

In her presentation at’s BlogWell conference, Jessica shares how a fan-centric approach has helped Dunkin’ Donuts earn customer loyalty, create fun content, and keep the conversation going.[…] Continue Reading »

EMC Corp. had something good going for them: Executives who encouraged employees to be social. But it led to something negative: Too many EMC-branded accounts competing for fans’ attention.

Their senior social media manager, Thom Lytle, calls it the “Social Sprawl.” The number of followers across all of their social media accounts spiked for a few accounts and flat-lined for the rest — meaning their social media message was spread too thin.[…] Continue Reading »

If you’re wondering what a pharmaceutical company is doing in social media, you’re not alone. Regulation, corporate culture and touchy subject matters kept UCB Pharma from completely engaging on Facebook and Twitter until this year. But according to Social Media Manager Greg Cohen, the company’s presence in social serves an important purpose: telling their customers’ stories.[…] Continue Reading »