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With the Olympics taking place this month, everyone is going to be thinking about going for the gold. Ever wonder whether your marketing is worthy of a gold, silver or bronze medal? Better yet, ever wonder how much of the newest, cutting edge, results-oriented marketing is going into your lead generation efforts?

Here are the elements that should be part of your marketing mix.[…] Continue Reading »

This is part two of a series. Read part one.

Hopefully we all know a little about marketing analytics, at least on the periphery, so I would like to delve deeper into the analytics process. First, let me start with a little history. For a long time, companies simply spent money on websites and online marketing because everyone else was doing it.[…] Continue Reading »

In a world where there seems to be a new channel for communicating with customers every time you turn around, there’s an increasing problem of “perfection paralysis.”

With so many new channels popping up, some brands are unsure how to measure their performance or understand how they stack up against competitors. Perfection paralysis sets in when they spend months trying to create flawless benchmarks and KPIs, putting together complex multivariable analyses and tweaking (and retweaking) their methodologies to account for every possible scenario.[…] Continue Reading »

If a picture is worth a thousand words then what is a thousand words worth?

A great entrepreneur once told me that the key to his success was getting the voice of his business just right. How many attempts would he have to tell his story and pique the interest of potential consumers? Not many.

Fifteen degrees in one direction and the tone of the conversation might sound too sales-y.[…] Continue Reading »

Let’s start with an old joke about marketing. “Half of my marketing budget is wasted, I just do not know which half!” Sound familiar?

The days of what marketers call ready, fire, aim are over. Traditional marketing agencies have had immense problems making the jump to digital agencies. Why? Because they were never held accountable for return on investment.[…] Continue Reading »