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The 5-year anniversary of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy has sparked numerous retrospectives of the financial crisis (and the response to the crisis). Here are 12 of the better reads out there:

Bloomberg makes the most of some great access it got to former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson.

Hamilton Place Strategies dives deep on the issue of “Too Big to Fail”

Phil Angelides, the chairman of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, counts down 5 things that must be done to prevent another crisis.[…] Continue Reading »

Financial derivatives are sometimes a savior, but in other times, a curse. Although their earliest documented use was in the form of rice futures in the 1700s, they have grown in popularity in recent times for hedging known risks, but have also drawn criticism as a tool of speculation. American International Group, for example, lost $18 billion on credit default swaps during the financial crisis.[…] Continue Reading »

The 5 most-clicked links in SmartBrief on Workforce this past week:

President Obama’s pay czar, Kenneth Feinberg, has become the unofficial spokesman for the widespread outrage surrounding the super-sized bonuses paid to Wall Street executives. As he works to cut Wall Street bonuses down to size, Americans of more modest means are left wondering why anyone, much less many of the people who helped bring about the current financial crisis, would deserve such large sums of money on top of their regular compensation.[…] Continue Reading »