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A days-long malware attack this month targeting servers used by search giant Yahoo underscores the unique security challenges that continue to face companies transitioning into the digital marketing arena.

The malware, which exploited Java vulnerabilities in ads served on Yahoo sites, affected as many as 27,000 Yahoo users an hour, according to security company Fox-IT. Specifically, the “malvertisements” redirected unsuspecting Yahoo users to sites hosting the Magnitude exploit kit, which is designed to install a variety of trojans and click-fraud malware onto computers.[…] Continue Reading »

According to Sonic Drive-In’s director of digital communications and social media, Christi Woodworth, working with multiple agencies can sometimes mean having “too many cooks in the kitchen.”

In her presentation at’s BlogWell conference in Chicago, Christi outlines how Sonic has fine-tuned the way they work with all of their different agencies. By giving her collaborators a chance at bonus projects, she managed to inspire newfound creativity in addition to their usual workflow.[…] Continue Reading »

Trust, authenticity, engagement and transparency — four key tenets of a successful social-media strategy — are not the kind of things that can be farmed out.

That’s why we were not at all surprised by the results of a recent Forrester study that show brands reluctant to entrust either traditional or interactive agencies with their social-media activities.[…] Continue Reading »