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The primary focus of the well-publicized and sweeping corporate governance reforms adopted over the last decade, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (“SOX”) has been public companies, but elective compliance with certain provisions of SOX by privately held companies can provide significant advantages.

In fact, many private companies are discovering that they can actually enhance the value of their businesses and improve operational procedures through changes in areas such as internal controls, board composition (e.g., independent directors), audit committees, and development and implementation of codes of business conduct and ethics.[…] Continue Reading »

This post is written by Suzanne Francis, senior partner at Schaffer Consulting, where she leads the integration practice and collaborates with leadership teams on PMI efforts to accelerate performance and financial results.

A search of recent business articles shows a growing appetite for deal-making. While increased M&A transactions may be welcome harbingers of better times, agreements to buy are only the beginning.[…] Continue Reading »

James E. Rohr is chairman and CEO of The PNC Financial Services Group, one of the largest diversified financial services companies in the U.S. Rohr joined PNC in 1972 and held marketing and management positions in several corporate banking areas, including lending, treasury management services and merchant banking, before he was named CEO in May 2000 and chairman in May 2001.[…] Continue Reading »

When a business has a problem, it has two avenues for solving it. It can either build its own solution or it can buy one from someone else. Many young companies opt to build their own solutions, since capital is in short supply.

Twitter is different. Capital hasn’t been a problem during its four years of operation, but the network is plagued with more shortcomings than the company could hope to address on its own.[…] Continue Reading »

Facebook’s recent privacy push has been the center of debate for the past couple of weeks. And rightfully so. Mix some fairly sketchy practices, striking comments and a not-so-subtle revenue goal, and you’ve got yourself a bit of a controversy.

Despite our growing concerns, there remains a curiosity about what the future may bring if we are to give up more.[…] Continue Reading »