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On Jan. 10, I was prompted to moderate a Twitter chat on mentoring preK-12 teachers. More specifically, it was suggested by two African-American educators, one a school psychologist and another a doctoral student and former educator in special education, to lead a chat on mentoring black educators. Because I teach in higher education, and I teach majority white pre-service and veteran educators, I was already aware of the sense of isolation that many educators of color report experiencing in their school buildings.[…] Continue Reading »

Both presidential hopefuls are calling on parents to take on more responsibility in the education of their children. Even teachers request more of parents in helping young people achieve academically.

This is ironic, because in the past, schools and classrooms were educators’ responsibility. It was assumed that parents were undereducated, untrained or too busy working to assist children in school matters.[…] Continue Reading »

During a track race, if a runner leaves the block before the sound of the gun, the runner is disqualified from the race and asked to leave the track. We need a similar sanction in education, especially as it relates to technology.

Too many in the education profession are advocating for more integration of technology across the curriculum without linking it to the underachievement and the literacy crisis in this country.[…] Continue Reading »