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In my current position, I am responsible for recruiting and hiring new faculty. The unique nature of our school results in multiple hiring periods and upwards of 50 new teachers hired annually. To find those new instructors, I review thousands of resumes, interview hundreds of candidates, and make dozens of offers. It’s a charge I take willingly, seriously, and with great vigor.[…] Continue Reading »

My wife and I have attended upwards of 50 parent-teacher conferences collectively for our three children. For the past decade, we have dutifully scheduled fall and spring conferences. Now that the two older children are in middle school, where the fall parent-teacher conferences are not required, we no longer attend unless requested to do so by the teachers.[…] Continue Reading »

So, you’re on Twitter.

What does that really mean?

When prompted (on Twitter) for reasons why folks are on Twitter, invariably responses include: it’s a great way to connect to teachers, it’s my best PD of the day, there’s not a better resource for my school or to keep abreast of current educational trends.

Each is right.[…] Continue Reading »

What inspired you to become an educator? For me, it was Mr. Miller, my 10th-grade biology teacher. There were others as well, but Mr. Miller was the first teacher who allowed me to uncover that which was to be learned. He was the first to admit there wasn’t necessarily a “right” answer at first, that science was about discovery of new, not the rehashing of old.[…] Continue Reading »

Part I of this two-part series discussed flexibility and communication. Part II explores two additional variables — relationships and wearing many hats — that are essential to virtual-school leadership.


Most people think that since we are a virtual school we must be a “technology” school. While it’s easy to understand the thinking, we believe we are a relationship-based school that leverages technology to build relationships.[…] Continue Reading »