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Have you ever been inspired by a great conference keynote speech? A workshop presenter that your school or district hired? Do you want to share your ideas, be useful to others and make some extra money? Have you ever wondered how that could be you some day?

Well, it can, but it takes time to position yourself to take your show on the road.[…] Continue Reading »

Many educators are aware of education Twitter chats and some have even participated in one of the hundreds of chats that take place each week. The reason Twitter chats are great is because they let you dive quickly into an issue with others around the world who share your passion. The people whose input you find valuable are ones that you can follow and connect with in the future.[…] Continue Reading »

Districts across the nation are determining teacher effectiveness in part by using a rubric created by Charlotte Danielson. The rubric contains four domains and 22 components. You can download the full evaluation instrument here. The framework below outlines exactly what administrators will look for when evaluating teacher practice.[…] Continue Reading »

In today’s world of learning, with its possibilities for global connection, one-way communication is no longer good enough. When interaction is one-way (e.g., note in the backpack, using online spaces with comments turned off), it develops or increases the sense that the school is out of touch. In connected schools, interaction and engagement rule the roost. When face-to-face interaction is not possible, as is often the case with working families and busy schedules, the best tool for that is social media.[…] Continue Reading »

LinkedIn is the 21st-century resume. As such, part of supporting college and career readiness includes having an updated online image. It is important for educators to have a strong LinkedIn profile not only as a model for their students, but also for families who want to find out a little more about their child’s teacher. Bonus points if your school website lists links to teacher profiles.[…] Continue Reading »