Do you use social media platforms to talk about your products? If not, you should, because it makes perfect sense to talk about your products in places where your audience already is.

Building brand awareness is an important marketing strategy that can be executed with the help of social media.

In this case study, we’ll show you how Tootsie Roll Industries leveraged their Tootsie Pops brand page and used a giveaway to raise brand awareness, plus gauge interest in and receive feedback on a new product.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this case study:

  • Why Tootsie Pops decided to run a giveaway for their digital audience.
  • Where they hosted their giveaway to increase traffic and engagement.
  • How they created and maintained buzz around a new product.
  • How Tootsie Pops increased giveaway entries by 702% compared to a previous campaign.

Here’s a step-by-step look at what Tootsie Pops did to accomplish their goals along with tips on your can apply them to your own campaigns. (read more…)

Creating your own unique, high-quality Facebook content can be a very time-consuming job. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be, as Facebook isn’t just about your content. It’s also about sharing other people’s content. After all, a community is formed by sharing of ideas and messages, not just people and organizations talking at each other.

Many managers of high performing Facebook pages share content from other Pages every day—and see big results. Because curated content helps fill in the holes in your content calendar, it should map to your strategy, be high-quality and fit your page (message, type of content, etc.) While each audience is different and you need to know what will resonate with yours, these five simple and easy ways to find content will work for any page manager looking to successfully repurpose content for maximum effect.

Streamline content curation
It can be just as time consuming to find great content as it is to create it if the process is not automated in some way. (read more…)

Given that the internet has become a stable, ever-present tool in any information-seeker’s arsenal, your company’s Web presence plays a key role in the overall success of your brand. Thus, it’s in every brand’s best interest to create a positive online customer experience, and the right amount of interaction is one of the most dynamic and effective ways to do so. By taking an interactive route to connect with your customers, you’ll provide more enhanced forms of communication while receiving more nuanced feedback from your users, thereby establishing a win-win situation for business and customers alike.

Strive for engagement

For better or for worse, the internet is a springboard from which users are constantly craving interaction and feedback. In order to drive interest and engagement, internet users need an elevated experience that provides more than just words on a page. Whether your content is supplemented by photos, videos, infographics, live chats, and the like, you’ll provide your visitorwith a layered experience that actively appeals to the propensities of the modern day internet user. (read more…)

As the top-selling sedan in America for 13 years in a row, Toyota’s Camry had a problem: Its popularity earned it a reputation for being boring. So with the Camry’s “bold new” redesign, Toyota’s social team developed a campaign to change the conversation.

In her presentation at’s Member Meeting, Toyota Director of Social Media Monica Peterson shares the steps they took to launch the new Camry in social and change their audience’s perceptions.

Here are three key points from her case study:

  • Your campaign objectives need to match your social objectives. To start, Monica’s team aligned their objectives to specific platforms and developed a portfolio for where they would allocate budget and resources to match. Then, they targeted three subcategories of audiences looking for styling, tech or performance.
  • Take advantage of the things people already do naturally. For example, people love to brag about buying a new car on social.
  • (read more…)

Taking a critical look at the success of others is a key way to gain insight into how you too can succeed at a task. If that task is being a successful branded Twitter account, you can’t look to anyone better than Samsung Mobile for inspiration. They have more followers than any other branded account, their shares are tremendous and their interaction is top-notch.

How did they do this? They’re not as cool as Apple. They don’t have the far-reaching product line of Sony. They don’t have the brand power of Nike. Few would call them the best cell phone manufacturer in the world.

This post is going to look at what they’re doing right, and will show you:

  • @SamsungMobile’s dominance in the branded Twitter account game
  • The tweets that succeeded at meeting various goals

This will give you the best chance of learning from what they have done so that you can do it yourself! (read more…)