Social media has changed the way we communicate, and even the best event planners are still learning how to fully harness its power. Check out these tips to ensure that you know on how to promote an event, boost attendance, and find and share content during and after an event.

1. Create a killer destination
Create an event hub that houses all key information and link back to it in all your communications. Keep it engaging by including other content such as videos or articles. To extend the life of your event, make this the destination for post-event content such as photos, awards and recaps.

2. Hashtag everywhere — it’s your virtual venue
Find a strong hashtag to help people connect and discover content before, during and after the event. Leverage it everywhere, even in non-social communications (such as e-mail, print, television or flyers).

3. Turn your invitees into part promoters
Inspire guests to leverage their social networks to help spread the word. Remember everyone has influence, even if they only have 100 Facebook friends. Make use of a platform such as Crowdtap to build a crowd of these people and inspire them to promote your event through fun challenges.

4. Create fun challenges
Develop engaging content, contests, fun facts, and sound bites to share on social media. Try asking your guests to create 30-second videos on the top 5 reasons to attend and then award the best submission at the event. Host a Twitter Party, where you brainstorm event ideas in real-time and award winners. Remember to use your hashtag and drive back to the event hub.

5. Create a hype calendar
Share content throughout the event’s promotional period and keep track of all specific release dates and times in a hype calendar. If you’re organized, this dialogue will keep your event top-of-mind and generate buzz.

6. Get started now
Start promoting early. Depending on the size/location/type of event, a burst three months in advance is ideal. You can use an a additional month to build and amplify your key messaging.

7. Keep your communication clear and consistent
With nearly 1 billion Facebook posts a day, it’s critical to have a clear, benefits-led message and to reiterate it often. For example, position your event as a “chance to meet” someone great, or gain “access” to the newest information. Repeat tweets. Post on the weekend.

8. Always reciprocate
Respond to and follow back those who respond to and follow you. Reward your fans and party promoters by awarding them prizes.

Anna Kassoway is the chief marketing officer and Fiona Pietruski is the vice president of client strategy and services at Crowdtap, the leading Social Influence Platform, making it easy for top marketers to collaborate with customers, inspire advocacy and drive unmatched social activity. Kassoway leads the consumer and corporate marketing team and has 15 years of digital ad industry experience, including 5 years in executive management positions. Pietruski has over a decade of experience in global online product development and marketing.

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