SmartBrief has grown a lot during the past year. We’ve covered conferences, launched briefs, held seminars and attracted hundreds of thousands of new readers. But something is missing. And we think it might be you.

For the first time ever, SmartBrief is scouring our readers to find the next leading voice in social media to join the coveted SmartBrief on Social Media Advisory Board and pen our weekly SmartPulse feature as our newest SmartBrief Poll Analyst.

We figured there’s no better way to find this social-media savvy writer than a contest to show us all what you’ve got. So here’s your chance to join Team SmartBrief and become the newest member of our Advisory Board.

What we’re looking for:

  • Someone who’s endlessly curious about social media. We don’t need an expert; we need a scientist.
  • The kind of magnetic writer who can ask the right questions and make data come alive for our readers.
  • A gifted promoter who can expose their work to new audiences.

About the contest:

  • Nominate yourself. Leave a comment below telling us why you think you’re the right person for the job, or write a post on your blog, linking back to this post. Make sure to include your full name and a link to your blog or website.
  • SmartBrief selects the finalists. We’ll pick our four favorites based on a subjective criteria and ask each of them to write one week’s poll analysis.
  • Readers vote for the winner. In the social-media tradition of crowdsourcing, we’re asking our readers to decide who gets the coveted title of SmartBrief Poll Analyst.

And the prize:

  • A weekly feature on SmartBlog on Social Media and in SmartBrief on Social Media. This opt-in e-mail newsletter has a highly focused readership composed primarily of executives and marketers.
  • Polling Experience. You’ll have the unique ability to poll this niche audience, gaining a deeper degree of insight into how professionals really use social media.
  • Membership on our Social Media Advisory Board. This invitation-only round table serves as our brain trust for all things social media. Plus, you’ll get to say you’re on a professional board with some of the brightest minds in social media.

Excited? Leave your full name, and a link to your blog or other website in the comments. We’ll be accepting nominations until Sept. 15, and we’ll announce the four finalists Sept. 22.
We can’t wait to see who nominates themselves for this gig — not to mention who our readers will choose as our new columnist. But we’re secretly hoping it’ll be you.

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47 responses to “Team SmartBrief wants you”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by SmartBrief on SocMed, Vinoth Chandar. Vinoth Chandar said: #SocialMedia Team SmartBrief wants you #Marketing #SM […]

  2. Ivana Taylor says:

    OK – I'm in. You might know me as @DIYMarketers or @StrategyStew. I lit up when you said you're looking for a scientist – that's intriguing to me. I'm also interested in reaching CEOs of million dollar companies with NO marketing department who are looking for ways to leverage low-cost social media tools in relevant, powerful ways that are professional, engaging and not spammy. I write for Small Business Trends, QuestionPro, Survey Analytics and AMEX Open Forum.
    My recent post Affordable Branding for DIY Marketers

  3. Paul Chaney says:

    I'm the ne'er-do-well that use to manage the polling duties and, just between you and me, it was a lot of fun. Of course, they never called me the SmartBrief Poll Analyst. If they had, I might have stayed with it! Ah, just kidding of course. I would still be doing it if my work schedule allowed.

    So, go ahead, nominate yourself. Just the privilege of serving as a member of the Advisory Board is honor enough, especially considering whose names populate the roster.
    My recent post Bloggers- What is the Price of Your Soul

  4. I humbly nominate myself for this really cool opportunity to become an advisory board member and contributor. I have an insatiable desire to learn and am intensely curious about the way in which the social web is shaping the future of business and marketing.

    My start-up:

    Our B2B marketing publication:


    My linkedin profile:

    Thanks in advance for your consideration, any time you spend considering me is greatly appreciated.

    My recent post Exclusive Interview- Eloqua’s Director Of Content “We Are All Responsible For Social Media”

  5. Munaz Anjum says:

    Social media buzz is spread around the digital world. We always hear acquisition of social media companies by Google. And we also get exposed to the news of Facebook’s upcoming new apps. We have already read the success stories of Dell, Cisco, Colgate and many more. The way I look at social media is not just a perception but a reality that many companies across the globe – be they small or large, have embraced on their mainstream marketing. I also observe a paradigm shift of online advertisement industry from traditional CPM & PPC models to Pay Per Fan (PPF) model. Recently I have written an article “CPM Dead, PPC Dying & Pay Per Fan (PPF) Evolving in Online Advt. Market”.
    My recent post CPM Dead- PPC Dying &amp Pay Per Fan PPF Evolving in Online Advt Market

  6. Count me in! I'm Monique Terrell, social media strategist who has a natural curiosity for all things social media. I'm an avid social networker who loves the numbers (metrics & more) and enjoys discussing social media in real terms.

    I am interested in blogging and writing for a publication like SmartBrief because one I'm a fan and subscriber, two my style of writing is a great fit – down and dirty and just the facts and finally I'm not looking to blog for everyone only the those publications that are dedicated to sharing social media information that can be implemented when the reader finishes the article. Real applicable articles.

    Pick me, Pick me, Pick me :-)


    My recent post Social Media Hiring

  7. Kirk Baumann says:

    I'll join the other candidates and submit my self-nomination! I'm a job search blogger / social media enthusiast / tech geek and would love to provide my insight and expertise to the Smartbrief audience. My blog, Campus to Career, can be found at

    I work with approximately 19,000 college students who are members of the organization that I currently work for (SIFE – <a href="” target=”_blank”> To be able to bring that audience in and gather their thoughts would be amazing. Helping people find true career happiness (using social media and all other available tools and resources) is my passion.

    My recent post: Don't Look at Me in That Tone!

  8. Lara Solomon says:

    I'd love to be involved, I love learning, finding out about social media and what makes people tick with it. I have been blogging on social media topics for about 8 months, I am honest, straight forward and down to earth in my blogging style, which my readers find refreshing! Plus I write in a way that is easy to understand and vary my posts from how-tos to rants to info!

  9. Curious says:

    Maybe I missed this, but what's the compensation for contributing writers?

  10. Hi Jesse, you can keep the "leading" voice :) but always in for this kind of job. Have the experience. Am from Europe though so I guess that the voting will not really work. Promoting myself? Don't want to bother people with links and accomplishments. But here it is: an application.

  11. I'd like to nominate Shaun Dakin. He's incredibly insightful about SocMedia and I look to him for all my SM questions.
    My recent post Front page content

  12. shimane says:

    Thanks Doug !

    I'm interested !

    I won a @Mashable Open Web Award in 2008 for non profit use of social media. Does that work?

    Shaun Dakin

  13. Reva says:

    I write coz I love writing… has to come from the heart..n it should be passionate….
    My recent post Fantasy World

  14. Sounds fun, I'm in.

    Frequent speaker on social media, Chief Digital Officer for Engauge, blog at, @jeffhilimire.

  15. Why am I the right person? I'm absolutely unqualified as an expert in anything but asking questions, that's why. But take a look at my stuff and by all means make your own determination. or @markramseymedia. I work in film, television, and radio.
    My recent post Your Brand Must Create a Lasting Impression

  16. Erik Deckers says:

    I’ll throw my hat into the ring. I’m a co-owner of a blogging and social media agency in Indianapolis, and frequent public speaker. I helped write Twitter Marketing for Dummies with Kyle Lacy, and our second book, “Branding Yourself” will be published by Que in November 2010.

    I’ve been a professional writer for over 15 years, and love taking sciency stuff and making it sound all simple and accessible (see, like I did right there). I’ve also been a humor writer for 17 years (concurrently, not consecutively), so I can keep the subject matter light and enjoyable too.

  17. joannasutter says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

    My blog is Fitness & Spice…where fitness, food, and fashion get a healthy shake!
    I'm also a results-focused marketer, publicist, and social media rockstar at

  18. Lars Hilse says:

    I think that it might be more interesting to shine an entirely different light onto social media and start to value it as an important part of a marketing mix instead of continuously trying to keep it afloat as a hype.

    By taking it out of the "hype-factor" we can increase its credibility which would allow its evolution into a manifested component of marketing.

    I get about a dozen calls a month from companies and enterprises alike asking, almost demanding, the "final social media solution" to rule the market place.

    When I fly in for the assessment, I'm shocked at how they've neglected all other aspects of marketing for the past years trying to establish a community on Facebook. Yes, that's it. There is no organization-wide social media policy – well, to be honest there is no risk-management at all because the marketing managers spent so much money on their trips to all the conferences in search of the holy grail.

    Let's just take a deep breath and take one step back, look at the bigger picture and see how we can make the connections between social media and the entire organizational business strategy.

    Just my 2 cents
    My recent post Triple Email-Marketing Opening-Rate from 22 to 74- A Case Study

  19. @BillIves says:

    I am interested in joining your team. First, I am a scientist, trained as a experimental psychologist, and completed research on effects of media on cognition. I continue to apply this background to the new social media. I have been writing a blog, Portals and KM, since 2004 that covers this and related topics. I also write for two sponsored group blogs, FastForward and the AppGap, that cover this space. At the recent Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston, I was voted #2 in that space and in the top 12 thinkers. Prior to all this I spent over 20 years consulting to Fortune 500 companies on emerging information related technologies and ran the knowledge management practice for a major consulting firm. I often apply this practical experience to my current writing. Now I consult to firms on social media marketing but also write about other uses of social media such as described in my sample post – Building Enterprise 2.0 into the Product Development Process –
    My recent post Micro-landscape- White on White 1

  20. Valerie Dennis says:

    I'm interested! My focus is a bit different than most as I look inside the organization, helping companies manage the legal and HR risk associated with Social Media and leverage the opportunities. My background is business and management, which offers real world insight into the complexities of the workplace.

    Valerie Dennis

  21. scloho says:

    Okay, I'm in.

    I write and edit 5 blogs with about 30 weekly updates.

    My area of interest is in the marketing world as I've worked in the media and advertising business for more than 25 years and I use Social Media to share information, wisdom from others, build relationships and promote the businesses and people in my city.

    I have given several presentations on a Laymans guide to social media, using blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In.

    The url I am listing is a home page with connections to my various blogs and feeds.

  22. @MirnaBard says:

    LOVE THIS! Count me in!!! I live and breathe social media everyday!!! I have been in the marketing industry for almost 14 years and have a passion for the Internet. I am a social media strategy consultant, executive & corporate trainer, instructor of social media at UC Irvine, author, and International Speaker. The VISA Business Network just selected me to be a mentor for their 100,000+ community. My blog and online content is favored by many people and bloggers have named me as one of the "Smartest People in Social Media." Shall I go on?

    Twitter: @MirnaBard
    Facebook (new Page):
    My recent post 5 Effective Tips for Avoiding the Email Spam Can

  23. Laura Schroeder says:

    I would love to join the SmartBrief team! Although I typically blog about human capital management themes – including how talent management and social media intersect – I am a marketing professional helping to define a social media strategy at my company. In my marketing role I have a deep professional interest in what works in social media but I am also personally fascinated by the power of social media and the way online communities interact. I follow trends in social media with great interest and would be excited to help inspire a wider conversation.

    You can find my most recent post here:

    I am also a regular blogger at the Compensation Cafe:

    Thank you for creating this opportunity!

    Laura Schroeder
    My recent post How Social is Your Social Marketing Strategy

  24. Jason says:

    I want in!

  25. @LeighDow says:

    What an awesome opportunity, I'm such a SmartBrief fan! I blog at I'm ridiculously curious about all things but social media is high on the list. I spend most of my days interviewing technology gurus or interacting with community members. You can find me on Twitter @LeighDow, where I am a self professed social media geek girl, fearless heretic and snarky Jedi. The combination makes me a unique choice for this opportunity!

  26. Pick me! I am not a professional social media guru, I just consistently leverage it to grow my paralegal business. I write a blog about foreclosure and related economic news. @cespringer on Twitter.
    My recent post Buy-and-Bail Takes Strategic Default to Another Level

  27. Jay Baer says:

    Hi Smartbriefers. I'd like to apply for this gig. I've been referenced several times by your fine publication, I conduct a lot of social media research (and/or analyze the research of others), I write 3 blog posts a week, plus guest post elsewhere, and I'm a noted lover of tequila. Let's do this! Thanks for your consideration.

  28. landon whitsitt says:

    I'm in.

    My extremely arrogant and no longer secret life goal is to be just like Malcom Gladwell in the way that I approach questions and data. My normal sphere is theology and church work, and i like to do analysis through that lens.

    check out for some ways in which i've reflected on news events recently.

  29. Hi, Smartbrief team (& Jesse)

    I would love this gig because I am a SmartBrief believer. I subscribe to mutiple briefs because it's how I stay informed on topics and niches important to my clients. I am an integrated marketing and PR pro with 20 years of experience, and I use social and new media successfully to build my business and those of my clients. I blog regularly (at least weekly) for my own site (the URL in the signature) and I write a strictly PR-focused blog for a regional media outlet… so I am experienced at writing content for a specific audience.
    Finally, I want this gig because I am exactly who you say you're looking for… insanely curious, magnetic writer, gifted promoter… (witness the shameless self-promotion in this comment 😉
    I love to write about timely issues, the connections between people, ideas and happenings, and how businesses small and large can leverage those connections more effectively. Here's hoping you and the SmartBrief audience will give me a shot!
    My recent post Blogging is Dead

  30. If you don't pick me and why would you because I didn't provide any credentials :) I'd suggest to pick a female fellow human being

  31. @be3d says:

    II learned social the hard way–out of necessity, in the sales environment. My knowledge in the social space soon became my career focus, and I used a combination of blogging and targeted Facebook ads to land my dream job–as Social Media Manager for Bazaarvoice. That amazing experience all started here:

    My role entails overseeing all of Bazaarvoice’s externally-facing social efforts, including our blog ( and Twitter presence ( But my work goes far beyond those “industry standards”. Developing ways to expand and maintain thought leadership for a company of this size (500+) requires an enormous amount of work in relationship building, content strategy, and metrics analysis and benchmarking. To excel in social media requires an incredible work ethic as well as a love for the bleeding edge.

    Throughout all of this, I’ve maintained, a blog for my thoughts on social media strategy and content curation.

    This is the next step for me, and I really appreciate the chance SmartBrief and its readers are offering all of us entrants here. Thanks for your time and, hopefully, vote.

    -Ian Greenleigh (@be3d)

  32. michellebruno says:

    I am a professional writer, blogger and event industry professional. My specialty is taking complex information, relationships, and ideas and making sense out of them. I'm less interested in what the numbers say than I am in what it all means in the larger scheme of things. The opportunity to consume mass quantities of information is hugely appealing and yes, Jay Baer, I like tequila too. I blog at and as well as other hidden places around the Net.

  33. It would be great to be a part of the SmartBrief team! I'm a digital marketing strategist at PMK*BNC, a PR firm in New York. I also publish my own blog at where I share my thoughts on social media, innovative marketing, and marketing strategy. I've previously written for Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, and MarketingProfs; and have been quoted in the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and Chicago Tribune.

    I'm extremely excited about all things digital marketing, especially social media. The idea that data and research should guide decisions, is an important mantra that I truly uphold. I'm a data and analytics junkie. I would be very honored if chosen.

    Samir Balwani
    My recent post Get Googley and Keep it Simple- Stupid!

  34. Teri, BestOnBiz.Com says:

    First, an absolute thanks for the offer on this… looks pretty exciting, it's fun to see the different walks of life throwing their hats into the arena.
    Ironically I am in the "startup phase of a site" and under some deadlines, one of which is loading up an 18 part series on Social Media. Will you be doing this again? If that has not been considered, I'd like to suggest it?
    Let the games begin,

    Teri Mason

  35. marazitibn says:

    I'll give this a whirl, as well.

    I'm not gonna lie, I'm fresh meat when it comes to social media marketing/managing, but I'm no stranger to social media. As a college kid, I've pretty much grown up using Facebook, but it wasn't until recently that I realized I could actually turn this into a profession.

    Right now, I'm on the road of discovery, learning the ins and outs of the business, and tackling the wants and needs of my first customer. Working with your team would not only be a great experience for me, but I think my unique voice and fresh ideas would be a pretty decent bonus to your team.

    If you'd like to consider me for this position, or you want to get to know a bit more about me, then please check out my blog: or add me on Twitter: @MarazitiBN

    My recent post I have my first client! –

  36. Troy Janisch says:

    We’d like to provide a 24-ounce poll analysis for SmartBrief. What does a 24-ounce poll consist of?

    – Poll results.
    – Two experienced, Wisconsin-based social media guys. (one blogger, one doodler)
    – Two 12-ounce tap beers.
    – A sketch pad.
    – A Moleskine notebook.
    – An occasional guest (12-ounce tap sold separately)

    These ingredients will serve up weekly polls paired with insights and an ‘info-doodle.’ Our 24-ounce poll-based insights can fuel breakroom and tweetup conversations. Our info-doodle can decorate your cube, your blog, or your desktop.

    Additionally, we'll host 24-oz poll tweetups at social media events and in some cities to promote SmartBrief.
    See a full description of our idea (complete with info-doodle) here:

  37. Thanks for the opportunity and yes I would like to nominate myself to be a member of your Social Media Advisory Board and be a regular contributor for your social media blog.

    I founded my own company DDC Marketing Group about 5 years ago which specializes in social media, search, promotional and brand marketing communications. I recently launched Social Sweeps promotional services which leverage the benefits of combining promotions with social media.

    I joined the social media world in early 2007 when I launched my own blog, Donna’s Promo Talk, which is written for marketers to help keep them up to date on the latest promotions and trends. I am also one of five women contributing bloggers on, a popular blog which was recently named in Forbes as one of the 20 Best Marketing and Social Media Blogs by Women.

    So please consider me for this opportunity and thanks.

    Donna DeClemente

    My recent post The NY Jets Ultimate Fan- the first social sports game in Facebook from an NFL team

  38. Ben LaMothe says:

    Ben LaMothe

    I maintain my agency's blog:

    Which is then re-posted to my personal site,

    Twitter: @BenLaMothe

    Social Media Aggregator:

  39. @tmonhollon says:

    The chance for a real-world payoff on all those grad school research methods courses!

    I’ll admit that joining the SmartBrief on Social Media team to dig into data each week would be fantastically fun, plus an industry honor.

    So, what do you need to know about me?

    Well, I’ve asked and analyzed industry-specific polls for several years as a part of my last day job managing content and social media at a global staffing firm. Link!

    I write about the intersection of life, career, and new media for fun, and as of last month, I write about social media and content marketing for work, too. And I’m in the middle of graduate research on the overlap of social media and traditional public relations.

    But, that’s the boring stuff. What you really want to know is, dog person or cat person? Answer: And bonus: I’m not afraid to sing on stage and jump around when necessary, so I can totally be your TechKaraoke wingman at SxSW. No worries.

    Oh, and let’s not forget the official details:
    Name: Tiffany Monhollon
    Blog: Personal PR |

    Have fun digging through the nominations! Some fabulous people on this list.

    P.S. I make killer peanut butter brownie cupcakes, if that helps. #justsayin
    My recent post How to Relocate for a New Job And My Big Announcement!

  40. I would like to be considered. My blog is

    My resume can be found at

    Twitter: @chefpaul9828 50,000+ followers
    Flickr: /

  41. I'm the PBS NewsHour's social media person – and I'm spending a heckuva lot of time shopping our content to a new audience. Check it out – on MediaShift:

  42. @L_Spencer says:

    I hereby nominate myself for this position. Unlike my colleagues above, I’m not the young owner of a startup or the most active social media writer in the market. I’m currently a web strategist for Grand Union Portugal, a place where I’ve been for last 4 years and I’m 27 years old.
    I do write some articles for, a blog that belongs to the Fullsix Group. Being the leading agency in Europe, Fullsix allows me to not only work with some of the best clients for Digital (Procter&Gamble, Samsung, Coca-Cola) but also have access to information and trends amongst some of the greatest professionals in the digital marketing business.
    If I had to explain why I’m a good choice I would definitely point out that I’m as digital as it gets. I’ve used computers since I was 5, I’m a geek by nature and I have a pure sociological approach to web behavior. I have a Nietzschean approach towards web user behavior and I use that to interpret and analyze the online shifts from a totally original point of view. I might not be as well known as some of the writers who have applied but I am young and full of potential.
    My texts speak for themselves – so have a look at the blog above to evaluate me for the position.

    Blog –
    LinkedIn –
    Twitter –
    Example Posts –

    My recent post Brands Linking RFID to Social Media- Top 3 Examples

  43. @be3d says:

    Any update on the finalists?


    My recent post Hard and soft impact- how Golfsmith measures social ROI