If you’re not getting leads from your website every day, you’re doing something wrong.

Presenting a strategic website is the fast track to driving inbound leads and growing your audience. And it doesn’t have to require a total website overhaul to make this happen. Inbound marketing brings leads to you, and your website is the front door. Make sure it’s ready for business!

There are so many ways to drive leads with your website. A website properly paired with inbound marketing tactics takes more than a couple of nice blogs and a monthly newsletter. Find out how to generate leads with a few strategic tweaks. These are simple changes to make to your site today.

Click to subscribe

Your blog is probably the most powerful tool in your belt for lead generation. Convert website visitors by encouraging them to subscribe to the blog with the simple click of a button. (read more…)

The numbers are in, and it’s official: 2014 is the year of Instagram. The four-year-old social media outlet built upon sharing photos and videos has surpassed the chatting, or tweeting, of its senior social competitor, eight-year-old Twitter. As reported in this article by SKIFT, Instagram has 300 million active users (MAUs), compared to Twitter’s 284 MAUs. Among the top heavy hitters in the social media world — including Facebook and YouTube — Instagram, the baby of the family, has achieved the highest growth rate, as well as acquired the most engaged community of users. For a youngling, that’s no small feat.

Appeal to the marketer

Considering the visual appeal and capabilities of Instagram to not only the casual user but also the marketing world, it’s feat comes as no surprise. Instagram offers marketers a space to promote through authentic, raw photos — not stock shots — that help to bring a brand to life and strike viewers as a tangible company with real people behind it through genuine communication that isn’t overly promotional. (read more…)

Pinterest is becoming one of the most popular social media platforms among businesses that market online thanks to the connections it creates between brands and fans and its exceptional ability to turn fans into customers.

These goals can be accomplished the “old fashion” way by building boards, pinning content and waiting for fans to show up. There are, however, three tactics which you can use that will prove to be more effective and garner results quicker:

  1. Creating better Promoted Pins
  2. Using Pinterest Messaging for marketing
  3. Understanding the new Pinterest Analytics dashboard better

You can use this Pinterest article to get the basics on how to pin, repin, and engage. If you’re already up to speed on those points, then these are the three tools that are going to make your Pinterest marketing really take off.

Creating Better Promoted Pins

Promoted pins will likely be the backbone of your Pinterest strategy when you’re just starting out or when you have a new product you’re trying to push. (read more…)

In my last post, I concluded it might be time to “call in the cavalry” and perform a social media audit. Several marketers responded to that post identifying issues they felt warranted further investigation and new solutions sets. Based on that feedback, here are the top seven signals that precipitate a social media audit:

An ambitious growth agenda
The biggest surprise to me was that among the audit requestors, many were fast-growing midsized companies looking to maintain if not accelerate sales increases. These companies make a habit of scrutinizing all aspects of their enterprise from customer experience to marketing, lead generation to new product development and simply want to make sure that their social media program is equally effective. This is especially true for acquisitive companies that are looking for help integrating their newer brands into their overall social plan.

Content that inspires crickets
Since most marketers have embraced social media and in the process have become content creators, the second most common signal is the absence of engagement with a brand’s content. (read more…)

As we approach the holiday season, brands will be competing for the attention of customers and every single interaction will be crucial. So what can they do to make the most of their interactions, or what I like to call “atomic moments of truth?”

Let’s begin by examining a typical atomic moment of truth. A fan of your brand posts a tweet one evening in early December that her daughter’s holiday wish list is growing, and she doesn’t know where to begin: a #stressedmommy. If you’re able to recognize this instance where a customer is engaged and has a problem that you can solve, then you can take what you know about them, for example where they live, presence of and age of children in their household, past purchase behavior and contact information, and engage that customer and create a meaningful brand experience. You can do this by delivering a personalized e-mail communication, at that very moment, that offers gift ideas, a special online coupon/offer and an invitation to an exclusive, in-store holiday shopping event. (read more…)