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We hear a lot today about the importance of 21st-century skills, from proponents who say we need to make sure all learners showcase these characteristics, and from critics who say we need to worry less about 21st-century skills, since we’re already 15% into the century, and instead, we should extrapolate what the skills of the 22nd century might be.

I think both of these views are correct; there doesn’t have to be an either/or. Surely we need to make sure learners understand the digital space as much as live in it, and we need to emphasize “college and career readiness” as being more than just a catch-phrase.

As we continue moving from one century to the next, I can’t help but wonder if all our focus on skills of the century, misses the opportunity to go back to basics and focus on skills that are timeless.…

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“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.” ~Dale Carnegie

Chip Kelly caught the NFL by storm when he took over as Philadelphia Eagles head coach before the 2013 season following a successful run in college. Less than three years later, a perceived lack of emotional intelligence on Kelly’s part was largely to blame for his firing with one game left on the Eagles’ regular season schedule.

During the press conference, CEO Jeffrey Lurie spoke about his vision for the team’s next leader. “You’ve got to open your heart to players and everybody you want to achieve peak performance,” Lurie said. “I would call it a style of leadership that values information and all of the resources that are provided and at the same time values emotional intelligence. I think in today’s world, a combination of all those factors creates the best chance to succeed.”

Oftentimes, the biggest obstacle for a new leader has little to do with how well she knows the job or whether she possesses the right technical skills.…

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Many of this year’s hottest food and restaurant trends are efforts that stem from seeds sowed in previous years, from the ongoing quest to cut artificial ingredients from menus to the rise in retail restaurants aimed at encouraging shoppers to linger longer, according to Baum + Whiteman’s 2016 forecast.

This year’s restaurant menus are taking the quest for “clean” ingredients to a new level, with chains such as Chipotle Mexican Grill, Panera Bread, McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts simplifying recipes and touting their short ingredient lists. The trend and other health-focused movements ranked high, including the growing move toward veggie-centric plates and vegetarian meals.

Pasta sales have dipped across the globe during the past five years, including a 6% dip in the US, as consumers have cut carbs and gluten, the report says. In response, chefs are creating spaghetti-shaped “noodles” from veggies including zucchini, beets and sweet potatoes, and they’re also working produce-based purees into pasta dough to add a veggie kick to traditional pasta.…

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This post is sponsored by SXSWedu.

In honor of Black History Month, we want to highlight some of this year’s SXSWedu sessions that highlight educational topics and issues that affect Black communities. Two Featured Sessions are particularly salient towards this topic, including “Can Hip Hop Save Us?” and “10 & Change: Changing the Narrative for Black Boys”.

Educational equality is a top track at SXSWedu this year, and while we celebrate achievements by Black Americans, we hope to facilitate the exploration of the Black experience in schools and classrooms at this year’s SXSWedu.

Can Hip Hop Save Us? Youth and School Culture

Regardless of one’s nationality, ethnicity, and/or social class, everyone is familiar with, and has knowledge of, hip-hop. Yet, hip-hop culture, which is youth culture, is stigmatized, marginalized and prohibited from school settings. If youth culture is deemed irrelevant, does that affect their academic achievement and their self worth? Is there a correlation to the high school graduation rate?…

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Have you ever been to a Michelin-starred restaurant? The Michelin Guide was created in 1900 to recognize world-renowned restaurants. Today, its highest-rated 3-star establishments total only 84 worldwide.

While the cuisine gets these restaurants on the Michelin map, it’s not always what keeps them there. It takes innovation, exceptional service, and most importantly, the right people to ensure a restaurant keeps its Michelin stars. The Wall Street Journal has reported on the attention to detail required to retain a position as a server at these restaurants:

“Waiters are expected to be at ease and in command of a wide range of facts and skills. In a 16-course dinner at Eleven Madison Park, a single plate might have 15 ingredients and five preparations. … Servers are expected to have accurate answers to specific questions about food allergens, the type of sea salt in a particular dish or the origin of the duck.…

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