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The Investment Program Association is continuing its advocacy work on Capitol Hill with its Fly-in this year as it evaluates regulatory changes such as the Labor Department’s fiduciary rule. The IPA also plans to continue building relationships as changes loom for the executive branch, Congress and regulatory agencies.

The Eris Group serves as the IPA’s voice in Washington, D.C. Eris Group founder Doyle Bartlett and partner Christopher S. McCannell discuss the IPA’s advocacy victories and plans for the future.

Why do IPA members go to the Hill, and what is the strategy?

McCannell: IPA members go to Capitol Hill to advocate for the over $120 billion non-traded REIT, non-traded BDC and private placement industry. Going to the Hill as grassroots advocates for Direct Investments helps educate members of Congress and staff on the important issues this industry faces and its work to help Americans reach their investment goals.

Bartlett: We dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to developing relationships with regulators and coalition partners.…

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The Investment Program Association formed a Fiduciary Task Force, later nicknamed the “Four Horsemen,” that participated in meetings and wrote comment letters to educate lawmakers and officials about the industry and its concerns over the Labor Department’s fiduciary rule. As a result of the IPA’s efforts, some of its biggest concerns were addressed in the final version of the rule.

The task force was composed of Keith Allaire, managing director with Robert A. Stanger & Co.; Mark Goldberg, chairman of Carey Financial; Nathan Headrick, managing partner of Triloma; and Wayne Souza, general counsel and an executive vice president of the Walton Group.

Goldberg, Headrick and Souza spoke with SmartBrief during the Investment Program Association’s 2016 Executive Leadership Summit, held in Washington, D.C., on April 19.…

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There’s something extraordinary about TED. This nonprofit foundation has touched millions around the world with inspirational talks, spreading ideas that invite listeners to see the world in a new or different way. Chances are, you’ve been deeply affected by at least one TED talk. Try to imagine what it’s like to actually participate in a TEDx event.

I was recently honored to serve on the Speaker Selection Committee and be a speaker coach for a TEDx event in Raleigh, NC. This experience gave rise to some lessons and tips worth spreading.

TED-inspired tips to enhance your next presentation

1. Have an idea worth spreading

Whenever you step up to speak, take the time to develop a compelling core message — the one simple phrase or sentence that captures the essence of your presentation. My TEDx experience renewed my admiration for the brilliance and elegance of a simply stated core message. The most important thing you can do as a speaker is to develop your point of view, your idea worth spreading.…

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21st century
SmartBlog on Education this month is covering college and career readiness. Join us for original content in which experts explore the trends and highlight best practices.

A few years ago, I served as the chairperson for the College Board New England Regional Council. One of the best outcomes from our meetings was that I was able to talk with higher-education professionals about what makes students college-ready. I’ve identified several key issues, and I’ve made some suggestions for how high-school teachers can help their students achieve the goal of true college-readiness. While these strategies may seem geared to traditional college students, all students, including those in career and technical programs, can benefit from these skills.

  • Professors told me college freshmen often lack digital media skills. They know how to use social platforms, but they are unable to effectively evaluate sources. When doing online research, students need to move beyond merely “Googling” a topic and taking the first two hits.
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On-the-go eating is a big business in the US, with many busy consumers opting to grab packaged foods and snacks when there isn’t time for a sit-down meal. Often, the choices for on-the-go eating leave much to be desired in the health department. Potato chips, pizza and burgers are plentiful, and options like conveniently prepped vegetables and lean proteins are growing but still far from ubiquitous.

Latin American cuisine offers a wealth of inspiration for chefs and food companies looking to create simple, healthy options that can be eaten while on the move.

“The US is playing catch-up a little bit with healthy snacks, said Marie Elena Martinez, co-founder of New Worlder and moderator of the panel “The Best of the Handheld Latin Kitchen: New Ideas for Food on the Go” at the Culinary Institute of America’s 18th annual Worlds of Flavor conference. Martinez mentioned healthy snacks that make up the bulk of on-the-go eating in Latin America, such as “jicama sprinkled with a little bit of pepper.”

Chef Claud Beltran kicked off the session’s cooking demonstration with empanadas, which he described as a perfect handheld food.…

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