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Have you ever been to a Michelin-starred restaurant? The Michelin Guide was created in 1900 to recognize world-renowned restaurants. Today, its highest-rated 3-star establishments total only 84 worldwide.

While the cuisine gets these restaurants on the Michelin map, it’s not always what keeps them there. It takes innovation, exceptional service, and most importantly, the right people to ensure a restaurant keeps its Michelin stars. The Wall Street Journal has reported on the attention to detail required to retain a position as a server at these restaurants:

“Waiters are expected to be at ease and in command of a wide range of facts and skills. In a 16-course dinner at Eleven Madison Park, a single plate might have 15 ingredients and five preparations. … Servers are expected to have accurate answers to specific questions about food allergens, the type of sea salt in a particular dish or the origin of the duck.…

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Have you ever been to a leadership training program and realized the concepts taught would be as much use to you at home as at work? According to research by Development Dimensions International, leaders who apply their newly learned skills at work also put those skills to use at home. The same is true in reverse: you can draw upon life outside of work to be a better leader at work. All it takes is sharpening your observational skills and a focus on seeing leadership lessons in life’s daily activities.

Leadership lessons unfold in unlikely places; it’s surprising how life can help you become a better leader. Look to these six potential sources for inspiration.

The arts. It’s riveting to watch other people navigate life’s challenges, especially from the comfort of our living room sofa. It can be instructive as well. Movies, theatre, and television all provide countless lessons on leadership, if you pay attention.…

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This post is sponsored by Johnson Controls.

Proper lighting is critical for creating safe, functional and efficient spaces from parking lots to offices. A well-designed and implemented lighting system improves technology function and can help reduce costs. Here, we talk with Matthew DeLoge, Vice President Business Development and Technology, at Johnson Controls about developing innovative solutions for roadways, interior and exterior lighting, and plans for future technology.

Question: How can lighting affect safety?

Matt DeLoge: Lighting affects how we perceive safety and our ability to create a safer environment, both inside and out. A well-designed and implemented lighting system helps us see things more clearly and allows cameras to capture images with improved resolution. This helps drivers distinguish colors on traffic lights. With proper lighting, security cameras monitoring activities in retail parking lots can read license plates and differentiate between car colors. Additionally, studies show that as we age, our ability to detect motion with our peripheral vision decreases.…

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SmartPulse — our weekly nonscientific reader poll in SmartBrief on Leadership — tracks feedback from more than 210,000 business leaders. We run the poll question each week in our e-newsletter.

How well do you manage the ups and downs of your busy and slow periods?

  • Very well — I ride the ups and downs easily: 33%
  • Well — I do an OK job balancing the busy and slow times: 52%
  • Not well — I struggle frequently with going up and down: 14%
  • Poorly — I dislike the ups and downs and don’t do well with them: 1%

Enjoy the slow times. Generally folks are pretty good at managing the busy times. The times that are problematic are when things are slow. We get used to being busy so when a slack period hits, it can be unnerving. One of the worst things you can do when that happens is spin up a bunch of new activity to fill the void.…

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Many students—teen and pre-teen—say their favorite social media platform is Instagram. The same is true for me and many parents as well.

This year we rolled out a school Instagram account and parents love it! It’s become a great way to connect with parents, students and the community. We’ve also discovered that many authors, athletes, companies and school districts are on Instagram. It’s a lot of fun to loop them into conversations.

Are you also using Twitter? You should be! Set up an IFTTT account and you can automatically post Twitter photos to Instagram. Easy!

If your school isn’t already on Instagram, I urge you to join the fun. Have fun with the filters and tell your story. It’s a great way to build school culture and keep your community involved in all the awesome things that are happening in your school.

Adam Welcome is a K-5 principal, marathon runner, Workshop fan, Bakfiets, Principal of the Year and Co-Founder of @KidsDeserveIt.

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