A big challenge when presenting in PowerPoint is the dual task of creating content and delivering authenticity simultaneously.

While the slide may contain information, it is not your whole message: the total message is what you say and how you say it. This balancing act creates a dilemma that pulls at two distinct disciplines: creativity and delivery.

You can simplify this dual challenge by preparing not only your message but also your delivery in advance. Sharpen your message as you do your slides and the presentation will come more naturally. You will be ready to engage your audience.

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2 responses to “Turn PowerPoint into performance art”

  1. Sami BENDHIAF says:

    Brief and straight to the point : very efficient, I'll do certainly share it with team. Thanks !

  2. danjeff says:

    John, you realize these You Tubes typically get blocked out here in the Fortune 500 realm.