Last week’s SmartBrief on Workforce poll: If “Cisco fatty” were your hire, would you rescind the offer?

  • Yes — 90%
  • No — 10%

I’m with the vast majority of you — that guy would have been out looking for another job. Maybe I’m too harsh, but I think his decision to broadcast his derision at his soon-to-be employer speaks volumes about his judgment. There are way too many awesome people out there looking for work right now to waste my time — or my employer’s money — on people like him.

I’d love to hear from the 10 percent of you that said you’d still keep his offer open. What was your reasoning?

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2 responses to “The cruel hand of Twitter”

  1. Cisco SVP of CorpComm, Blair Christie, blogged on the topic of our philosophy of twitter and social sites.

    In part, she states: "I personally think these tools are an amazing new form of expression and collaboration and as a company, we recognize the opportunity they offer and we encourage their use. It’s normal for people (and companies) to make some mistakes when they use something new and we should all learn from those mistakes."

    See full post here:

  2. Mary Ellen Slayter says:

    @John Earnhardt: Thanks for sharing that link. I agree there will be a learning curve with these technologies, but man, that guy's tweet was profoundly dumb.