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One response to “Your own personal career advice columnist”

  1. Richard L. Diaz Sr. says:

    Dear Mz. Slayter
    OK, I have been in Food Service 28 years and have manage 2 high
    volume unitsin same town at same time. Most of my career was spent in CO. ski resorts, where I started up restaurants from scratch, writing menu, procedures for cooking and service. Hiring inexperienced staff which required training from me. I have started new restaurants for employers in CA. designing layout of kitchen and dining room writing original menus and costing them out. Also did this in WA. state for absentee owner, the whole enchilada for wages. I am now 80 years old, there in lies my problem. I am in excellent health, still have the fervor for food
    service and I have to work to support myself. I am able to pass credit, background checks also pass drug and alcohol tests.
    I get a lot of good responses when applying for managerial work. Potential employers ask for your age and SSN for background
    check. From that point on they become silent, though we have communicated several times by phone or Email.
    Thank you Mz. Slayter, for your time.
    Sincerely, Richard L. Diaz Sr