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Q. With such limited time, what resources do you find most effective for continuous self-education?

yec_Corey Blake1. Immerse yourself in new experiences

I’m an experiential learner. I need to dive into environments where there is expert guidance, preferably in an intimate setting and over a period of time. For example, I committed to an 18-month Gestalt Training Program and a 12-month leadership program. Both remove me from my element to completely focus on personal growth. I will travel 17 times in 2015 for these types of experiences. — Corey Blake, Round Table Companies

yec_Andrew Thomas 22. (read more…)

Winning The Long GameThis article was adapted from “Winning the Long Game: How Strategic Leaders Shape the Future” by Steven Krupp and Paul J.H. Schoemaker. Krupp is senior managing partner and Schoemaker is founder and executive chairman of Decision Strategies International, a consulting and training firm specializing in leadership development and strategy formulation. Schoemaker also serves as research director of the Mack Institute for Innovation Management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

In July 2013, 3 million devotees, mostly young, swarmed to Copacabana Beach to hear the newly elected leader of the Roman Catholic Church on his first official tour. The Catholic Church was at a pivotal moment in its history. Brazil has the largest number of Catholics in the world but between 2000 and 2010, the church’s share slipped from three-fourths of the nation’s population to about two-thirds. Pope Francis knew the challenges facing his organization, not only in Brazil but throughout the world. (read more…)

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Last week, we asked: How effectively does your organization manage reorganizations?

  • Very — our reorgs are smooth and effective: 6.44%
  • Mostly — our reorgs go well but not without issues: 35.25%
  • Somewhat — we don’t do a great job with reorgs: 27.12%
  • Not at all — our reorgs are painful and problematic: 31.19%

Disorganized Reorganization. Why are we so bad at this? Organizations need to change and people need to be put in new roles. Those shifts turn into disasters for several reasons. First, poor communication. The rationale for the change and everyone’s new responsibilities aren’t clearly articulated which leads to confusion and frustration. Second, poor talent assessment and role definition. Reorgs can be a great opportunity to put talent in bigger roles but more often than not, we fail to assess talent properly and instead frustrate some of our best performers. (read more…)

Netflix recently released the third season of its original production “House of Cards.” This critically acclaimed political drama is the story of Frank Underwood, a high-powered congressman who, after being passed over for appointment as secretary of state, initiates an ambitious plan to obtain a position of greater power.

As the third season unfolds, Underwood’s elaborate scheming has come to fruition and he steps in as president. Every episode has Underwood delivering important high-stakes presentations: campaigning at a town hall meeting, briefing the press, addressing the nation and debating opponents. But what can this notorious character teach high-integrity business leaders about message delivery?

After binge-watching all 13 episodes, I can tell you that there are a number of presentation delivery lessons we can learn from Frank Underwood. Consider these (no spoilers, I promise):

  1. Glance and grab like a pro: Addressing the nation. In episode 26, Underwood addresses the nation, announcing his America Works initiative.
  2. (read more…)

When we think about the makeup of a workplace, tangible aspects often come to mind: location, office space, number of employees, revenue. However, certain intangibles are just as much a part of a company’s identity. Workplace culture tops this list.

Attracting and retaining talent relies heavily on the cohesiveness of worker attitudes, as well as the example set by company leadership. Are employees on board with their management’s vision? Are they motivated to learn and improve their professional skills? Do they adhere to company policies? Although management is tasked with setting the right example for their employees, if they don’t get buy-in, it can be awfully challenging to grow and succeed.

All industries deal with on-the-job safety in some way, whether you’re a 9-5er staring into a computer screen, a crane operator on a construction site or a brewer at a craft brewery. MySafetySign surveyed nearly 500 occupational safety professionals to gain insight into the biggest challenges their companies face when implementing health and safety practices. (read more…)