Education-badge-blue2The vast majority of us now work in environments where the ability to learn is more critical than what we know and where the most valuable currency is influence, not power. — Liz Wiseman, Rookie Smarts

The education landscape has shifted dramatically during the last 10 years. Tablets have replaced textbooks. Students use smartphones during class — for learning. Educators connect online to share best practices.

What does the next decade hold for education? What will become the future of schools? Educator and author Will Richardson took on the topic during his ISTE 2015 session, Tech in 10: Effective Teaching for the Next Decade.

“‘Knowledge’ isn’t the word any longer. ‘Skills’ is no longer the term. ‘Learning’ is the word,” Richardson said, noting that the jobs of tomorrow will require serial mastery. “If our kids don’t have the ability to learn, it really doesn’t matter how much knowledge we give them.”

“This is a very different world that our kids are stepping into,” he said. (read more…)

Education-badge-blue2How can educators, employers and government leaders work together to prepare students for today’s technically-sophisticated labor market? And what kind of skills route students to good, 21st-century jobs? Panelists addressed these questions and more during a May 21 conversation hosted by New America Foundation.

Much attention has been directed to the “skills gap,” or the challenges employers confront in sourcing workers with the right qualifications for today’s fast-paced economy. Here are some lessons stakeholders shared at the discussion:

The U.S. is not alone in this fight

There’s a lot of anxiety surrounding skills in the U.S., from both the supply side — students weighing which postsecondary track or college major will land them a job — and the demand side — employers who are struggling in their search for highly-skilled workers. It is taking today’s college graduates more time to find a job, and recent graduates are more likely to be underemployed, noted New America Senior Policy Analyst Mary Alice McCarthy, citing a report from the New York Federal Reserve. (read more…)

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InfoComm 2015 has it all: the lights, the sounds and certainly the action. Most of that flashy stuff happens in prime time — exhibition days on the show floor. So you may be asking yourself, “What is there to do before then?”

Decent question. The answer is pretty straightforward – plenty!

From education sessions to networking events, there are many things you can do prior to the opening of the exhibit hall. A great way to spend pre-exhibition time in Orlando (other than enjoying the warm Florida sun) is to learn, learn and learn, and with InfoComm University, you can take the next step in becoming a better AV pro. Learn things that you will find useful in your everyday job or fortify your foundation. According to industry professionals, nearly every student who has taken a class with us found that the training was useful and was handy in real world application. (read more…)

eventsLeading disruptive innovation — the theme of this year’s annual ASCD conference – is a provocative topic. And while the end result — innovation — has an intriguing vibe, the road to get there is paved, in part, with more-conservative ideas such as discipline, safety and partnership.

So much innovation was on display during the conference — from using Twitter as a leadership tool to crowdsourcing for ideas — that it might have been easy to miss all the work leaders put in along the way to make change happen in their schools and communities.

But distinguished feature speaker Andy Hargreaves of Boston College reminded us that disruptive innovations such as “uplifting leadership” are not based on a set of standards, but a narrative or journey. And the journey may include failures, which speaker and author Sarah Lewis said are gifts in the pursuit of creative innovation.

Many presenters addressed the serious work of leading disruptive innovation and so we focus here on a few lessons for the 21st-century educational leader. (read more…)

eventsThe 70th ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show is underway in Houston. ASCD Emerging Leader Jennifer Orr is on the ground, bringing SmartBrief readers coverage of the event. Stay tuned for daily show recaps. Also follow live event coverage on @SBEducation and via #ASCD15.

My brain is swimming after two and a half days at the ASCD annual conference. The sessions and the conversations have given me so much on which to reflect over the coming weeks. This morning I engaged with Robyn Jackson and Allison Zmuda in their session on student engagement. Jackson wrote “Never Underestimate Your Teachers: Instructional Leadership for Excellence in Every Classroom” and “Never Work Harder Than Your Students and Other Principles of Great Teaching” (a personal favorite), among others. Zmuda is the author of “Breaking Free from Myths About Teaching and Learning: Innovation as an Engine for Student Success.”

One of my biggest takeaways from this session was the four keys to engagement they shared. (read more…)