“Communication”: A series by SmartBlog on Leadership and Switch & Shift


SmartBrief’s SmartBlog on Leadership and Switch & Shift are teaming up for a special series on communication — Feb. 16 to 21, 2014, with posts appearing here and on Switch & Shift. Summaries of many of these blog posts will appear in SmartBrief on Leadership, our daily e-newsletter for business leaders, and SmartBrief on Entrepreneurs, our daily e-newsletter for current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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What is this series about?

We’re deliberately selecting the expansive word “communication” because it’s so important to how businesses run, how employees feel and how societies thrive or falter. But communication is not just a big-picture idea. It’s a continuous process, a solemn responsibility lived through countless situational forms – hiring, management, sales, customer service, branding, crisis, etc. Each has different qualities, though all require demonstrating respect toward, listening to and engaging with your audience.

What type of communication do you feel is undervalued? From what conversations have you learned the most? How do we overcome our fear of certain discussions? How do we recover from mistakes? How can our work relationships improve? Simply, how do we do better?

Posts in the series

SmartBlog on Leadership

Switch & Shift

Joel Garfinkle Ellen Weber
Mary Ellen Slayter Rebel Brown
Julie Winkle Giulioni Irene Becker
Karin Hurt Matthew Fritz
Shannon Alter William Powell
Ryan Estis Ted Coiné
Don MacPherson Deborah Mills-Scofield
Travis Horel Jamie Notter
Kevin Karschnik Marla Gottschalk
Naphtali Hoff Ruth Schwartz
John Keyser Todd Dewett
Lindsey Pollak Lisa Shelley
Bob Herbold Allison Rimm
Scott Eblin Patti Johnson
Dana Theus Shawn Murphy
James daSilva