New products, menu innovation and shifting food strategies at Target and Wal-Mart proved popular with SmartBrief readers this week, starting with plans for Hershey’s Krave Pure Foods unit to roll out meat snack bars this summer in flavors including black cherry barbecue and basil citrus.

On the restaurant front, Dunkin’ Donuts is experimenting with waffle breakfast sandwiches, cold-brew coffee and other premium menu items in a push to compete with McDonald’s all-day breakfast offerings. Chipotle Mexican Grill is also looking to new menu items like spicy chorizo to wean customers off recent food giveaways and jump-start sales growth after recent foodborne illness outbreaks.

Target is testing a new strategy in the produce department at its store in Edina, Minn., pricing fruit based on how long it’s been sitting on the shelf, while rival Wal-Mart is phasing out the Wild Oats brand of organic packaged foods in favor of expanded organic produce offerings and a renewed focus on its Great Value store brand. (read more…)

On-the-go eating is a big business in the US, with many busy consumers opting to grab packaged foods and snacks when there isn’t time for a sit-down meal. Often, the choices for on-the-go eating leave much to be desired in the health department. Potato chips, pizza and burgers are plentiful, and options like conveniently prepped vegetables and lean proteins are growing but still far from ubiquitous.

Latin American cuisine offers a wealth of inspiration for chefs and food companies looking to create simple, healthy options that can be eaten while on the move.

“The US is playing catch-up a little bit with healthy snacks, said Marie Elena Martinez, co-founder of New Worlder and moderator of the panel “The Best of the Handheld Latin Kitchen: New Ideas for Food on the Go” at the Culinary Institute of America’s 18th annual Worlds of Flavor conference. Martinez mentioned healthy snacks that make up the bulk of on-the-go eating in Latin America, such as “jicama sprinkled with a little bit of pepper.”

Chef Claud Beltran kicked off the session’s cooking demonstration with empanadas, which he described as a perfect handheld food. (read more…)

While restaurants get a lot of the attention when spotting industry trends, on-site foodservice segments like hospitals, colleges and universities (C&U), and business and industry (B&I) have become trend powerhouses in their own right, modernizing segments that haven’t always been known for their dining and retail options. In total, Datassential estimates that on-site foodservice operators spent over $65 billion last year and we project strong growth for the future.

At Central Table in St. Louis, Mo., you’ll find sushi, tapas, specialty coffee and a craft beer and cocktail bar in the 10,000-square-foot food hall. There are street tacos on the lunch menu, lobster tortellini with sorrel and za’atar spiced zucchini with candied kumquats on the dinner menu, and four upscale toast options at the café. It has become a true St. Louis dining destination – quite a feat considering it’s technically a hospital dining room. Situated on the first floor of the Barnes-Jewish Center for Outpatient Health, the operation caters to both the community and hospital visitors and staff; the head chef makes appearances and teaches techniques throughout the hospital system, while the restaurant can also function as a sort of central commissary and create dishes for other hospital dining outlets. (read more…)

Out with the old and in with the new. So went the trend in most-popular stories this week, with details on Whole Foods Market‘s first 365 store, slated to open in Los Angeles next month, gaining the attention of the most readers this week. The store will reportedly put an emphasis on efficiency, with limited space for service departments and an emphasis on prepackaged fresh offerings, which will cut down on the store’s labor requirements, according to a floor plan for the store. The store, which will open next month in Los Angeles, will also dedicate a significant amount of space to perishable items and feature four 16-foot salad bar tables, a space for delivery service Instacart and Aloha ordering systems, the plan revealed.

Other popular stories this week involved new restaurant looks, new branding and new products.

News on Johnny Rockets’ updated look through the launch of a new Syracuse, N.Y., restaurant came in a close second with readers. (read more…)

Restaurants, retailers and consumer brands are increasingly embracing the concept of the pop-up, temporary shops and eateries that offer an affordable way to introduce new products, try out innovative menu items and wow consumers with flashy new formats.

High-end chefs have been doing pop-up concepts in different formats for several years, often to try out new menu ideas, experiment with new cuisines or to gain a following before opening a new permanent space, and the strategy is also catching on with less-pricey concepts. This week, UK-based Pret A Manger announced plans for a month-long pop-up with a 100% vegetarian menu, including popular meat-free items from the chain’s existing menu as well as new dishes it will test out in the temporary space.

Pop-ups may become even more popular as retailers downsize their permanent brick-and-mortar presence in a digital age, a trend that’s freeing up more store space for experimental pop-ups. (read more…)