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SmartBlog on Education this month is covering college and career readiness. Join us for original content in which experts explore the trends and highlight best practices.

From the moment students walk through the door of a Kankakee school to the time they walk across the stage to receive their high-school diplomas, we have to do everything we can to prepare them for life after formal education and the jobs of the future. Since I started in education, I’ve used the motto, “The transition to adulthood starts in preschool.” It’s the idea that conversations about college and careers need to start earlier rather than later.

Today, that phrase is the mantra that pushes my teachers and principals to think past the traditional style of teaching, and to truly prepare our students for life outside the four walls of a school building by giving them hands-on experience and the chance to explore a plethora of careers through project-based learning. (read more…)

21st century
SmartBlog on Education this month is covering college and career readiness. Join us for original content in which experts explore the trends and highlight best practices.

A few years ago, I served as the chairperson for the College Board New England Regional Council. One of the best outcomes from our meetings was that I was able to talk with higher-education professionals about what makes students college-ready. I’ve identified several key issues, and I’ve made some suggestions for how high-school teachers can help their students achieve the goal of true college-readiness. While these strategies may seem geared to traditional college students, all students, including those in career and technical programs, can benefit from these skills.

  • Professors told me college freshmen often lack digital media skills. They know how to use social platforms, but they are unable to effectively evaluate sources. When doing online research, students need to move beyond merely “Googling” a topic and taking the first two hits.
  • (read more…)

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An Executive MBA degree can yield excellent returns, helping individuals build new skills, manage transitions, expand their professional networks and even earn more. Here are four ways leaders can boost their career trajectory with an EMBA:

  1. Build the knowledge and capabilities to address changing job or industry requirements. One of the main reasons professionals seek an Executive MBA is to address gaps in knowledge and skills required in key functional areas, like strategy, finance, marketing, operations and supply chain management. Developing new abilities and a deeper understanding of these areas better prepares you to advance your career, enhance your performance and add value to your organization. An Executive MBA degree equips you with a broader view of business and increased confidence that can lead to new and enhanced interactions with senior leaders within and outside of your functional area and role.
  2. (read more…)

Sometimes a concept is boring. One way to fight through a dull but necessary concept is to spice it up with a stop motion video. It’s a lot easier than you might think.

You only need a handful of items for a successful stop motion video:

  1. A recording device: Most smartphones and tablets with video recording will work.
  2. A stop motion program: I use the free version of iMotion. It’s easy to use right away.
  3. A tripod: This is important because stop motion relies on a camera that doesn’t move.
  4. Something to be in your video: I love to use my magnetic dry erase board as a background. For the characters I attach magnets to the back of superhero pictures. Since it is on a dry erase board I can easily write word bubbles for my characters to speak.

That’s all it takes for quick video clips that will engage and entertain your students. (read more…)