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Conversation around competency-based education seems to be heating up in K-12, as more and more schools look for ways to personalize learning and better assess mastery of subject matter. But are K-12 schools really ready to embrace this model – or is it just another pedagogical novelty? SmartBrief on EdTech asked readers for their thoughts on competency-based learning and how this approach fits in K-12.

According to our findings, the majority of EdTech readers are in favor of competency-based education. More than half of the respondents (53%) have implemented or are considering adoption of this model at their site. Eighty-two percent report that it offers exciting potential for K-12 schools.

Here’s a quick look at what readers had to say:

Has your school considered implementing a competency-based education model?

  1. Yes, we currently have one deployed: 28%
  2. Yes, we’re thinking about it but haven’t adopted it yet: 25%
  3. No, but we want to/are investigating this approach: 15%
  4. No and we have no plans to do so: 31%

Does competency-based learning have a place in K-12? (read more…)

SmartBlog on Education this year launched a monthly Editor’s Choice Content Award, which recognizes content written by educators, for educators that inspires readers to engage, innovate and discuss.

Our editors and writers sift through thousands of sources, reading a variety of content, including blogs and commentaries written by you and your peers. We selected the two best original content pieces each month and posted them on our blog.

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Every Monday, SmartBrief on EdTech features Product Showcase, a section highlighting new products and services designed to support teaching and learning. Starting this month, we’re pulling all those solutions together into a product roundup, featured here on our Connected Teaching and Learning blog.

It’s been a busy month for ed-tech solution providers – lots of interesting new products, tools and services for schools and classrooms. Here’s a quick look at our top picks for November:

SGAP app. The hands-down most popular new release this month came from the Student Governmental Affairs Program — its new SGAP app. Available at no charge for Android and iOS devices, the app aims to helphigh-school students to learn more about their government system. Students can use the app to learn more about their elected officials, engage in discussion with other learners, and earn points by participating in civic activities.

Hack Your Teaching. This short 1:30 video, from Edvantage outlines five quick tips for infusing energy into the classroom. (read more…)

On Wednesday, Nov. 19, 110 of the nation’s top superintendents, U.S. Department of Education officials and representatives from a myriad of organizations, convened at the White House for the Superintendents’ Summit, declared “ConnectED to the Future,” by President Obama. The event was an an extension of the ConnectED Initiative launched earlier this year.

Obama kicked off Future Ready, a bold new effort to maximize digital-learning opportunities and help school districts move quickly toward preparing students for success in college, a career and citizenship. In his speech, he said that it’s time to “yank our schools into the 21st century when it comes to technology, and provide the training and tools our teachers need” and that “every child deserves a shot at a world class education.”

In his concluding remarks, the Obama led all 110 superintendents in a digital pledge signing ceremony, where they joined over 1,100 additional superintendents, from all 50 states in a promise to transform their districts into ones that better prepare students for their future. (read more…)