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Stephen Yusko Stephen Yusko edits media publications at SmartBrief, where he started as a copy editor for energy and chemicals newsletters.

Caroline Bean is the director of social media at Visit Philadelphia, where she works to integrate a well-rounded social media strategy into every campaign and has helped to establish Philadelphia’s voice to consumers. She is part of a communications team that has won 55 industry awards, including a PR News NonProfit PR award for the With Love, Philadelphia XOXO social media campaign and two SMITTYs (Social Media in Travel + Tourism Award) from Travel + Leisure for Visit Philly’s Foodspotting and Twitter accounts.[…] Continue Reading »

David Spark is the founder of the brand journalism firm Spark Media Solutions. Spark blogs regularly at Spark Minute and you can hear him on his weekly podcast, the Tear Down Show. He is also the author of “Hazardous to Your Social Media Health: 50 Previously Condoned Behaviors We No Longer Recommend,” an ebook that was published earlier this month.[…] Continue Reading »

This past month, SmartBrief on Social Media ran a story on the success of stupidity as a social media strategy. Writer Carol Tice noted that “patently ludicrous” campaigns were more likely to get noticed, and less likely to face a backlash.

This past week, we got to see some social media stupidity in action, and we learned that there is a right way and wrong way to play dumb.[…] Continue Reading »

Debra Schwartz, vice president of equity research on the Internet team at Goldman Sachs, gave a presentation Wednesday at the 4A’s Data Summit in which she outlined eight predictions for the online-ad industry:

1. Ad dollars will continue to shift to online platforms
Schwartz said that online represented 20% of total ad spending in 2012, and she expects that to increase to 30% by 2017.[…] Continue Reading »

Nate Silver, the quant savant who made waves with his accurate election predictions in 2008 and 2012 and who now works for ESPN, came to Wednesday’s 4A’s Data Summit looking to qualify not only his own successes, but also the rush to proclaim data as the magical solution to all future problems.

In an intellectual and entertaining 30-minute address, Silver sought to dispute the notion that “size conquers everything else” — that Big Data, by virtue of its existence, can lead to a “magical solution.”

“All the good data in the world wont help you if you’re using faulty assumptions to process it,” he said.[…] Continue Reading »