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Sarah Wade is a writer at SmartBrief. A recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, she writes for food, real estate and retail briefs and contributes to several SmartBlogs.

SmartBlog on Education has explored a wide range of topics since its launch in June — the standardized testing debate, technology innovation, professional development for teachers and much more.

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This week, middle school language arts teacher and adjunct education professor Mark Barnes wrote a post about why he has rejected traditional grading in favor of a system he finds more effective: narrative feedback.[…] Continue Reading »

This past Monday, elementary school principal and blogger Peter DeWitt wrote about what he felt were the stifling effects of a test-driven curriculum not just on classroom dynamics, but also on students’ ability to think creatively and independently.

“We are at risk, more than ever before, of focusing solely on testing,” DeWitt wrote. It’s hard to get away from that focus when “many educators are in fear of their jobs,” and what low test scores could cost them, DeWitt added. He argued, however, that fear should not thwart teachers’ and principals’ ability to seek out and listen to the opinions of all parties involved in the education process — parents, community members and most importantly students.[…] Continue Reading »

SmartBlog on Education has launched a Friday Feature series, in which editors highlight reader comments and popular blog posts from the week and ultimately create a space for educators to engage, innovate and discuss.

If you’re a teacher, you’ve probably had this happen at some point: You learn you’re being given a piece of technology to use in your classroom and feel elated.[…] Continue Reading »

This is the first blog post in SmartBlog on Education’s new Friday Feature series where editors will highlight reader comments, popular blog posts for the week and ultimately create a space for educators to engage, innovate and discuss. Thanks for visiting and happy reading!

On Nov. 21, education author and instructional-design expert Kevin Washburn published a post on what he feels is a crucial — and frequently overlooked — ingredient in every student’s learning process: effort.[…] Continue Reading »