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Sam Taute Sam Taute edits SmartBrief on Workforce and other newsletters and contributes to SmartBlogs. A former intern at SmartBrief, he graduated from the Philip Merrill School of Journalism at the University of Maryland in College Park.

The most important quality to look for in new hires is passion, says Dana Stocks, the chief human resources officer at Philips. SmartBrief recently asked Stocks questions about how Philips recruits passionate workers and keeps them engaged. An edited version of his responses follows.

How does Philips encourage employees to become passionate about their work?

First, we hire passionate people because we believe our passion for improving lives is what sets us apart from the rest.[…] Continue Reading »

HR executives who want to become trusted members of the CEO’s inner circle should understand some things about their boss without being told, said former Society for Human Resource Management CEO Susan Meisinger at SHRM’s annual conference in Chicago.

1. CEOs don’t know everything happening in their industry.

No CEO has enough time to read every newspaper and trade publication.[…] Continue Reading »

Sweeping immigration reform legislation being considered in Congress could bring about positive change for employers, in particular granting them access to deeper pools of talented foreign workers, said speakers at the SHRM 2013 annual conference in Chicago. However, the legislation could also introduce new dangers, and HR professionals should start taking stock of their workforces to determine the fees they could incur.[…] Continue Reading »

The world can be a dangerous place, and no one is invulnerable against an unexpected injury or illness. Unfortunately, many workers don’t take measures to ensure that they can cope financially in the event that they can’t work for several months or longer. For some, gaining peace of mind is simply a matter of having¬†a conversation with their human resources department to learn about the disability insurance available.[…] Continue Reading »

Mark Moore is the president of staffing firm Kavaliro. SmartBrief asked Moore about the methods Kavaliro uses to screen candidates’ online profiles and about measures job seekers can take to avoid having their online activities hurt their employment chances.

What are Kavaliro’s methods for screening candidate’s social media profiles? Is there any technology used?

At Kavaliro, we often perform formal background checks through partner companies.[…] Continue Reading »