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For startups looking for funding, the Milken Institute Global Conference is not a bad place to be to learn from some of the most creative minds in the venture capital industry. The conference featured a colorful panel discussion entitled How New Investors Are Influencing Venture Capital. SmartBrief chatted with Dave McClure, founding partner of 500 Startups, after the session to hear more of his thoughts on the current VC landscape.[…] Continue Reading »

The economy is on the mind of virtually every American these days. CME Group Managing Director and Chief Economist was on hand Tuesday at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, Calif., to participate in the “U.S. Overview: Will Recovery Prevail?” panel (scroll down for video of the session). SmartBrief caught up with Putnam after the panel to talk commodities and other factors that are bound to impact the U.S.[…] Continue Reading »

Technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence were hot topics at the Milken Institute Global Conference this week in Beverly Hills, Calif. The “The Transformation of Finance: Technology’s Impact on Wall Street” panel featured Nasdaq President and COO Adena Friedman (scroll down for video of the panel discussion). SmartBrief chatted with Friedman after the panel to hear her thoughts on how certain technological advances are changing the way Wall Street does business.[…] Continue Reading »

Broadridge Financial Solutions is making news at this week’s SIFMA Ops conference in Miami with the unveiling of its Global Post Trade Management solution, a tool that enables investment banks and broker-dealers to standardize post-trade processing via a consolidated platform. By doing away with duplicative operations and connecting information that was previously siloed, GPTM helps banks and broker-dealers reduce costs.[…] Continue Reading »

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It has been a week of regulatory relief in the world of finance. The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision kicked things off by proposing a new method for banks to assess their exposure to derivatives. The new method may reduce the amount of capital banks need to meet restrictions on leverage.[…] Continue Reading »