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S. Chris Edmonds S. Chris Edmonds is a speaker, author, and executive consultant with his own firm and the Ken Blanchard Companies. He has authored or co-authored seven books, including The Culture Engine which helps leaders create workplace inspiration with an organizational constitution. He blogs and podcasts at DrivingResultsThroughCulture.com. Follow Chris on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and iTunes.

Is your organization a great place to work?

To know for sure, you’d need information like the percentage of employees that are highly engaged and highly productive, information about the degree to which employees trust their bosses and peers, information about whether employees’ ideas and efforts are consistently validated, and information about how many talented, engaged employees leave your organization every month.[…] Continue Reading »

American Airlines’ merger with US Airways is not going well.

American Airlines’ pilots’ union notified CEO Doug Parker in a March 4 letter that the merger is going so badly that the airline’s former ‘toxic culture’ has returned.

In the letter, the pilots outlined how the airline has violated contract terms as well as federal regulations on crew scheduling, air operations, and labor relations.[…] Continue Reading »

As the global economy continues to improve, one significant metric for business leaders is at a nine-year high.

That metric? Voluntary separations or “quits.”

The US Department of Labor announced that 3.1 million Americans left their jobs — voluntarily — in December 2015.

The monthly JOLT report (Job Openings and Labor Turnover) slices and dices the data into a variety of categories and sub-groups.[…] Continue Reading »

“I just don’t trust him.”

So said a senior leader of a peer recently during interviews I conducted to learn more about their organization’s culture and how their leadership team operates.

It’s a message I hear all too often when working with executive teams. The demands placed on senior leaders cause them to act in ways that help their functional areas — accounting or manufacturing, for example — even if their behavior causes issues with their peers’ functional areas.[…] Continue Reading »

I’ve been speaking, coaching, and writing about how leaders can build high-performing, values-aligned cultures for over 25 years.

My proven framework helps leaders create an organizational constitution and then align all plans, decisions, and actions to it.

Your organizational constitution formalizes expectations in four vital areas:

  • Purpose (your company’s present day “reason for being,” besides making money)
  • Values and behaviors (what great citizens look, act, and sound like)
  • Strategies
  • Goals.
  • […] Continue Reading »