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Angela Fernandez is the vice president of retail grocery and foodservice for GS1 US. The Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative was launched in 2009 as an industrywide effort to streamline the supply chain, enhance product information and build a foundation for food safety and traceability.

SmartBrief interviewed Fernandez on how she thinks this initiative is changing the foodservice industry, and how it intersects with traceability programs regarding fresh foods and retail grocery.[…] Continue Reading »

As craft beer continues to gain prominence with both consumers and culinary types, retailers are increasing their stocks of popular local and regional brews and restaurants are investing more into craft beer with diversified offerings and special pairing menus. The increase in sales of craft beer and the continued attention these beers get from chefs, brewers and restaurants suggest that craft brewing is more than just a fleeting trend, and knowledge of fermentation and brewing is quickly becoming just as important as wine expertise in the restaurant world.[…] Continue Reading »

To make products stand out on the grocery store shelf, food- and beverage-makers are investing in sustainable packaging that consumers can feel good about purchasing, both for its lower environmental impact and for its attractive, fashion-forward designs. And as packaging becomes almost as important as the product it holds, packaging design has been elevated to an art form.[…] Continue Reading »

Sales of single-serve coffee pods continue to rise as consumers turn to one-cup brewers for their convenience and wide array of flavor options. But as more people choose single-serve pods as their preferred coffee method, concerns about the environmental impact of the non-recyclable, non-biodegradable pods have become harder to ignore. For a time, the only choice for consumers who wanted to reduce the waste produced by their single-cup brewer was to use a refillable insert.[…] Continue Reading »

Sparkling ICE, TalkingRain’s line of flavored, no-calorie carbonated waters, has seen explosive growth in the past few years as consumers seek out healthier beverages and demand for flavored waters continues to grow. In addition to being a major player in the flavored water trend, the brand is participating in the consumer craze for all things culinary by teaming with New York City-based chef Jordan Carfagno on a collection of recipes featuring Sparkling ICE beverages.[…] Continue Reading »