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Melissa Greenwood Melissa Greenwood is SmartBrief’s senior education editor, with responsibility for the content in a variety of SmartBrief’s education e-news briefs. She also manages content for SmartBlog on Education and related social media channels. Prior to joining SmartBrief, Melissa held a variety of positions in the education field, including classroom teacher and education editor and writer..

Content series: SmartBrief Education brings you coverage of Path to Workforce. Find out what workforce, K-12 and higher-education leaders say about collaboration between education institutions and industry. Also learn about experts’ Path to Workforce predictions for 2015.

Collaboration between education institutions and industry is an important component of workforce development, according to a recent survey in ACTE STEM SmartBrief and SmartBrief for the Higher Ed Leader.[…] Continue Reading »

Student engagement. Motivation. Creativity. Excitement! Gaming and making are reshaping the educational experience for students worldwide, creating a bridge between the classrooms of yesterday and the learning spaces of tomorrow.[…] Continue Reading »

Dear readers,

SmartBrief Education publisher Joe Riddle recently announced our editorial focus on Path to Workforce — our vision of college and career readiness, encompassing K-12, adult learners, career changers, non-traditional students and those who forgo a traditional four-year college experience.

Path to Workforce encompasses career and college news, but also the rise of vocational schools, skilled trades, the revival of apprenticeships, project-based learning and the maker movement, both in schools and in the workplace.[…] Continue Reading »

Jobs numbers recently released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest a continued state of economic recovery, with unemployment falling to 5.6% in December.

Data show job gains in professional and business services, construction, food services and drinking places, health care and manufacturing.

Last year marked the best year for job growth since the late 90s, U.S.[…] Continue Reading »

SmartBlog on Education’s monthly content award recognizes content written by educators, for educators that inspires readers to engage, innovate and discuss.

SmartBrief Education editors and writers sift through thousands of sources each day, reading a variety of content, including blogs and commentaries written by you and your peers.

In an effort to recognize some of the innovative voices in the field, we’ve asked our team to nominate their favorite content each month from which we’ll choose two winners for the Editor’s Choice Content Award.[…] Continue Reading »