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Melissa Greenwood Melissa Greenwood is SmartBrief’s senior education editor, with responsibility for the content in a variety of SmartBrief’s education e-news briefs. She also manages content for SmartBlog on Education and related social media channels. Prior to joining SmartBrief, Melissa held a variety of positions in the education field, including classroom teacher and education editor and writer..

Leading disruptive innovation — the theme of this year’s annual ASCD conference – is a provocative topic. And while the end result — innovation — has an intriguing vibe, the road to get there is paved, in part, with more-conservative ideas such as discipline, safety and partnership.

So much innovation was on display during the conference — from using Twitter as a leadership tool to crowdsourcing for ideas — that it might have been easy to miss all the work leaders put in along the way to make change happen in their schools and communities.[…] Continue Reading »

SmartBlog on Education’s monthly content award recognizes content written by educators, for educators that inspires readers to engage, innovate and discuss.

SmartBrief Education editors and writers sift through thousands of sources each day, reading a variety of content, including blogs and commentaries written by you and your peers.

In an effort to recognize some of the innovative voices in the field, we’ve asked our team to nominate their favorite content each month from which we’ll choose two winners for the Editor’s Choice Content Award.[…] Continue Reading »

In honor of Black History Month and Presidents Day, we’ve asked three history teachers to share how they are using technology to engage students in history lessons. These teachers are contributors to the Smarter Schools Project, a site designed to highlight the exciting ways schools and families are using technology to support great teaching and learning.[…] Continue Reading »

As part of SmartBrief Education’s coverage of Path to Workforce, we’ve teamed with the Association for Career and Technical Education to share CTE articles written by educators, for educators. This Q-and-A with ACTE leaders shines a light on 21st century jobs and skills in honor of national CTE Month.

February is national Career and Technical Education month.[…] Continue Reading »

With over 37,000 students, almost half of whom speak a language other than English at home, and 30% of whom qualify as English-language learners, Oakland Unified School District needed a way to better support their students, and their families. In this interview with SmartBrief Education, coordinator Sue Pon discusses the Family Literacy Program and shares lessons for other school districts.[…] Continue Reading »