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Lead Change Group The Lead Change Group is a global leadership community interested in connecting, sharing and collaborating on all things leadership. You'll hear quite a bit about character-based leadership -- leading from who you are rather than your position or power. The group's focus is on applying character-based leadership to make a positive difference. Learn more about the group at http://leadchangegroup.com.

The ability to disagree effectively is critical in creating alignment and shaping direction. It’s also an important aspect of generating creative solutions. When we can hold a firm commitment to our own opinion and blend that with openness to another person’s divergent point of view, disagreement becomes a dynamic opportunity to expand our thinking.

In order for a disagreement to be effective, we must let go of being certain that our opinion is the only right one and stay present with the creative evolution of the discourse.[…] Continue Reading »

Authority is the last resort of the inept — and frustrated. Parents who have found themselves relying on the phrase “because I said so” to direct a reluctant child know the truth of this adage. When rank becomes the means of ensuring compliance, one has long ago lost the battle to effectively influence, especially in today’s brain-based economy.[…] Continue Reading »

The 21st century is characterized by one dominant trait — self-determination. Gone are the days of mass production, economies of scale and standardization typical for last century. We, as a people, have a deep sense that it is our privilege to “make” ourselves.

Many times in my career, I tried to “make” myself only to be shunned.[…] Continue Reading »

Turn on your TV. Tap your news app. Scan the paper’s stories of the day. It seems that everywhere you turn, a lot of the news points to leaders who are either struggling with or striving to prove their integrity.

No doubt, you may feel like integrity is at stake nowadays. Just think of what’s at the heart of the banter taking place among the 2016 presidential hopefuls.[…] Continue Reading »

In the summer of 2012, we were still limping out of the throes of an economic Armageddon. The mood around the country was dark and gloomy. I yearned to focus on leaders with vision, values, and integrity, as the global recession was prompted by the absence of these very characteristics in key leadership positions. I longed to reaffirm that all great institutions are built by leaders at all levels who demonstrate the bedrock values of integrity and trust.[…] Continue Reading »