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Julia Russell Julia Russell edits retail and food and beverage newsletters at SmartBrief and covers industry news for SmartBlog on Food and Beverage. She graduated from the Philip Merrill School of Journalism at the University of Maryland in College Park and did media research for cloud-based marketing software provider Vocus before joining SmartBrief.

E-commerce is an industry that seems to be in a constant state of growth, with emerging technology and the increasingly mobile consumer. You don’t have to be an industry expert to know that Amazon is the major player in the U.S. e-commerce industry, but with Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba’s IPO and growth plans that include the U.S., online retail could face a shake-up.[…] Continue Reading »

Promoting and retaining female leaders is important in any industry, and food retail is no different. SmartBrief talked with Food Marketing Institute President and CEO Leslie G. Sarasin about the importance of engaging female leaders, and what food retailers are doing to promote and empower leaders within their organizations

Why do you think women are important to leadership in general?[…] Continue Reading »

Supply chain issues and traceability are hot topics across the food industry, from manufacturers to retailers to restaurants, and more efforts are being made to improve the supply chain and, ultimately, make food safer for consumers. Initiatives including the U.N. Global Compact and BSR’s traceability guide and GS1 US’s Retail Grocery Initiative highlight issues such as sustainability and visibility, but there is an additional concern for certain members of the food industry who have to consider things like refrigerated trucks and melting points — those who work with frozen foods and refrigerated supply chains.[…] Continue Reading »

Despite the fact that women are underrepresented in leadership, organizations that hire more women leaders perform better than those that don’t, and companies in the consumer packaged goods industry are starting to take notice, according to the Women 2020 report from the Network of Executive Women. The report says that a diverse workforce helps foster innovative environments at CPG companies, and female leaders from Walgreen, PepsiCo, Kraft and Wal-Mart talked about the challenges they face and how their companies work to foster women leaders last week during a panel at FMI Connect.[…] Continue Reading »

Speakers, exhibitors and attendees alike descended on Chicago’s McCormick Place Tuesday to kick off FMI Connect, the Food Marketing Institute‘s annual show. In a flurry of shuttle buses and registration badges, there was a common theme of partnership and networking as members of the food industry began connecting with one another for the week’s event.[…] Continue Reading »