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Julia Russell Julia Russell edits retail and food and beverage newsletters at SmartBrief and covers industry news for SmartBlog on Food and Beverage. She graduated from the Philip Merrill School of Journalism at the University of Maryland in College Park and did media research for cloud-based marketing software provider Vocus before joining SmartBrief.

From sprawling suburban supercenters and warehouse clubs to shops and stalls on city streets, retail space has always been varied. But as urban lifestyles move further beyond the limits of traditional cities and prime real estate gets harder to find and more expensive to rent, many food retailers are turning to concepts meant for smaller spaces and more specific consumer groups.[…] Continue Reading »

The shifting environment of the consumer package goods industry took center stage this week, with food and beverage readers delving into stories about brands‘ business moves, growth of private-label products in the natural category and the view of the food business from the chief executive chair. Snyder’s-Lance‘s purchase of Diamond Foods and Treehouse Foods‘ purchase of ConAgra‘s private label business were the two most-clicked stories in our food and beverage newsletters this week, while Campbell CEO Denise Morrison’s take on the biggest shifts in the business and the dominance of Kroger‘s private-label products in the natural foods aisle were also of interest.[…] Continue Reading »

From Hershey’s and Mars’ new products and convenience-store strategies to Nestle’s growth in the frozen category, product strategies among consumer packaged goods brands were hot topics for food and beverage SmartBrief readers this week. Readers were also interested in how brands like Lifeway Foods are using strategies like transparency to appeal to millennial consumers and how better-for-you brands are finding a niche in the snack aisle.[…] Continue Reading »

SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers saw CPG companies making some big moves in the product arena in our news coverage this week, with Keurig informing consumers about the upcoming launch of its Keurig Kold machine and WhiteWave reporting a 27% growth in shares so far this year, driven by the company’s yogurt, plant-based and Horizon Organic products.[…] Continue Reading »

Food is a necessary piece of our survival, but it can often be much more than that. It can also be a way to bring people together, which is part of what the Food Marketing Institute is looking to do during the month of September during the group’s inaugural National Family Meals Month movement. This month, FMI is working with food retailers to help encourage consumers to share one more meal at home with their families each week, a goal that, according to the organization, is beneficial to all members of the family in more ways than one.[…] Continue Reading »