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Julia Russell Julia Russell edits retail and food and beverage newsletters at SmartBrief and covers industry news for SmartBlog on Food and Beverage. She graduated from the Philip Merrill School of Journalism at the University of Maryland in College Park and did media research for cloud-based marketing software provider Vocus before joining SmartBrief.

In the constantly-changing era of the Internet, restaurants and retailers can no longer get by with just traditional offerings. Instead, they must evolve and create experiences to draw connected customers to their establishments. As a result, foodservice and retail can mean many different things, and sometimes they even go hand-in-hand.

As one of the oldest retailers in the United States, upscale department store chain Bloomingdale’s is no stranger to innovation and evolution, and one of the ways the retailer has evolved to create experiences that keep customers coming back is adding foodservice to many of its stores.[…] Continue Reading »

SmartBrief readers were most interested in stories about the future of the food industry from all aspects this week. Chipotle‘s future plans for a fast-casual burger concept gave them a glimpse at where the company could be going next in the restaurant industry, while Amazon‘s move to expand its Dash re-ordering service to include brands like ConAgra and PepsiCo looked at food retail and its future in e-commerce.[…] Continue Reading »

Having a presence on social media is no longer an option for food retailers and brands, especially as consumers become increasingly connected and social platforms continue to grow. But managing that presence varies from one company to another, with some brands and retailers finding the right balance of engaging with social media users and others still figuring it out.[…] Continue Reading »

SmartBrief readers were drawn to stories about growth plans of food retailers and restaurant chains alike this week, as they got an inside look at the first store opened under Kroger‘s Main & Vine banner and Wahlburgers announced plans to expand the better burger chain from seven locations to 118 in the next six years. And that wasn’t all from Kroger this week.[…] Continue Reading »

Mobile is no longer simply a technology that is useful to both consumers and businesses — it is a way of life. From phones to tablets and even watches, the types of communication accessible through the mobile channel seem almost infinite. But that doesn’t mean that consumer packaged goods brands and food retailers should incorporate every single type of mobile communication into their marketing strategies.[…] Continue Reading »