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Joe Riddle Joseph Riddle launched SmartBrief's education business more than 10 years ago and managed combined education and workforce group, interacting daily with the brightest minds in the field, including teachers, trainers, vendors, and policy experts. Follow him on Twitter @joseph_riddle

Think fast: What is the purpose of education? Ask any group of people — including any group of educators — and you’re likely to hear a different answer from each. Therein is a clue. If each of us gives a different answer to this age-old question, doesn’t it follow that education serves a unique purpose, for each individual?[…] Continue Reading »

Imagine there is a talent war going on. In an exciting growth industry, the market has recognized that variations in an individual’s combination of natural talent, quality of training and effort are leading to substantial differences in final product. The gap is growing between the output of the very best and the rest, and competitive firms have responded with higher salaries, better perks and a more flexible work-life balance.[…] Continue Reading »

Part 1 of this series, “The state of K-12 education is miscommunication,” described how two recent conferences illustrate the divide in American K-12 education between education professionals and those outside the field. This post looks at the educator’s perspective and offers advice for all sides moving forward.

The educators I talk to speak mainly about their passion for helping young minds find a love of learning.[…] Continue Reading »

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles. (If you missed my colleague James daSilva’s excellent coverage of the K-12 education and workforce track, you can read it.) It was fascinating, and a bit disorienting, to hear some of the wealthiest people in the country talking about issues I think about every day: namely, the state of K-12 education and the training and preparation of the next generations of the American workforce.[…] Continue Reading »