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Products sweetened with aspartame and other low- and no-calorie sweeteners are safe and useful for weight management.

You’ve probably heard a lot about aspartame — or at least a lot of rumors.[…] Continue Reading »

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Foodservice at retail moves beyond the concept of “on-the-go”

“Foodservice at retail” can have a few interpretations. It can be anything from a food court in a large shopping complex to a modest beverage case near the cash register.[…] Continue Reading »

Participating in the farm-to-fork movement allows restaurants to offer the kind of food that more diners are demanding: fresh, local, organic and healthy. Connecting with farms or investing in growing their own food also gives restaurants an opportunity to build connections in their communities and foster a richer, more sustainable local food culture. Catherine Lederer, Vice President of Food & Beverage for Chop’t Creative Salad Company answered SmartBrief’s questions on the farm-to-fork philosophy.[…] Continue Reading »

New York real estate entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran of The Corcoran Group gave her firsthand account Tuesday at the World Business Forum of success from a $100 loan to selling her first company for $66 million.

Corcoran’s rags-to-riches story of a waitress who made it big has plenty of elements of fun (a necessary part of doing business, in her opinion), along with funny and practical advice for entrepreneurs or others in business.[…] Continue Reading »

Greatness is not primarily a function of circumstance, according to Jim Collins, but rather a matter of conscious choice and discipline. Collins spoke at today’s World Business Forum in New York City about leading in uncertain times.

Referencing material from his 2011 book “Great by Choice,” Collins listed three things to consider to become great:

  1. Superior performance.
  2. […] Continue Reading »