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Janet Forgrieve Janet Forgrieve is a freelance writer and SmartBrief contributor who writes for restaurant and retail briefs. A former business journalist, Janet spent several years covering the restaurant and retail industries for the Rocky Mountain News in Denver. She earned her bachelor’s degree in mass communications from the University of South Florida and spent six years covering business at The Tampa Tribune.

Food and beverage makers face a slew of competition each time they roll out new products, and retailers have tough decisions to make when it comes to merchandising to maximize sales and profit margins.

While it may sometimes seem like retail shelves are packed with new food and beverage products, the reality is that brands have released fewer new products in recent years, according to a study from Catalina Personalized Digital Media.[…] Continue Reading »

US single women outnumbered married ones for the first time ever starting in 2009, and only 20% of Americans age 18-29 are married compared to about 60% in 1960, according to a recent New York magazine story. It’s a demographic trend that affects many aspects of life, from political attitudes to career paths to parenting choices to snacking styles.[…] Continue Reading »

New products, menu innovation and shifting food strategies at Target and Wal-Mart proved popular with SmartBrief readers this week, starting with plans for Hershey’s Krave Pure Foods unit to roll out meat snack bars this summer in flavors including black cherry barbecue and basil citrus.

On the restaurant front, Dunkin’ Donuts is experimenting with waffle breakfast sandwiches, cold-brew coffee and other premium menu items in a push to compete with McDonald’s all-day breakfast offerings.[…] Continue Reading »

Restaurants, retailers and consumer brands are increasingly embracing the concept of the pop-up, temporary shops and eateries that offer an affordable way to introduce new products, try out innovative menu items and wow consumers with flashy new formats.

High-end chefs have been doing pop-up concepts in different formats for several years, often to try out new menu ideas, experiment with new cuisines or to gain a following before opening a new permanent space, and the strategy is also catching on with less-pricey concepts.[…] Continue Reading »

Vegan cuisines can be as different from each other as fast food and fine dining, as varied as the Guac Burger at By Chloe in New York City and the Rutabaga Fondue at Vedge in Philadelphia.

“’Vegan’ isn’t just a single cuisine – plant-based chefs can create incredibly innovative modern dishes or they can prepare simple yet delicious vegetable dishes,” said Ross Olchvary of Sprig & Vine in New Hope, Pa.[…] Continue Reading »