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Jennifer V. Miller Career strategist Jennifer V. Miller is a former HR manager and corporate trainer who helps mid-career professionals chart the course for their next big "leap." A self-described "professional opportunity cultivator," Miller provides one-to-one and small group professional development coaching via her company SkillSource. She offers up tips for leading yourself and others at The People Equation.

Amy*, a senior vice president in charge of marketing, comes to me with a request: She wants to provide professional development to her staff of five regional directors. At first glance, the request seems reasonable, doesn’t it? Of course, leaders should be on the lookout for ways to help their direct reports grow professionally.

Here’s the part where it gets tricky: Amy had already decided on a course of action.[…] Continue Reading »

It’s a familiar lament at work: We can’t get anything done because we’re all so busy interacting. Open-office plans, project teams and the incessant ping of our devices lay siege to any possibility of extended mental concentration. The modern workplace, with all its interruptions and distractions, is like an unruly kid on a sugar high at Chuck E.[…] Continue Reading »

Have you ever been to a leadership training program and realized the concepts taught would be as much use to you at home as at work? According to research by Development Dimensions International, leaders who apply their newly learned skills at work also put those skills to use at home. The same is true in reverse: you can draw upon life outside of work to be a better leader at work.[…] Continue Reading »

Most people want to work for a caring boss. Not only is it more enjoyable, it’s good for your health, according to research by Stanford professor Jeffrey Pfeffer. Compassion is certainly a hallmark of leadership effectiveness.

But can a leader care too much? Shelley Row, a professional engineer and former transportation executive, believes that caring for one’s employees, while admirable, does have its drawbacks.[…] Continue Reading »

“How much time does your team invest in becoming better leaders — together?” That’s a question Bob Anderson likes to ask when he consults with senior leadership teams. Anderson is chief development officer of The Leadership Circle; his clients are leaders in global firms across all major business sectors.

Anderson’s inquiry highlights a blind spot common with many leadership teams.[…] Continue Reading »