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James daSilva James daSilva is a senior editor at SmartBrief and manages SmartBlog on Leadership. He edits SmartBrief's newsletters on leadership, entrepreneurship and sustainability, among others. Before joining SmartBrief, he was copy desk chief at a daily newspaper in New York. You can find him on Twitter discussing leadership and management issues @SBLeaders

Leadership books inevitably face a quandary — they need to tell a story but they also need to be believable as something that can be replicated, preferably without an excess of effort.

What often results, even among well-written, smart reads, are books that are short on data and long on anecdotes and checklists. What data there is often is situation-specific information that the author, by necessity, stretches to encompass a philosophy.[…] Continue Reading »

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McDonald’s was not a can’t-miss proposition.

The company started as a drive-in burger joint with a loosely affiliated network of franchisees before Ray Kroc obtained national franchising rights in the 1950s.[…] Continue Reading »

In February, SmartBrief’s SmartBlog on Leadership and the folks at Switch & Shift combined for 31 posts in a quest to help people in business improve their communication. This week, we turn to workplace morale. Starting today, both sites will be posting all week, with the SmartBrief on Leadership newsletter linking you to some of the best posts starting Tuesday, June 10, through next Monday.[…] Continue Reading »

Companies have C-suites and they care about strategy. So it makes sense that many would have a chief strategy officer — someone devoted to such a key part of a company’s survival and success.

But chief strategy officers are not nearly talked about as much as chief operating officers or chief financial officers, much less CEOs. Here’s the Google Search trend for those three titles:

I mentioned this, and my general unfamiliarity with the position, when I talked with Patrick J.[…] Continue Reading »

It’s not easy for retailers to maximize how much they sell on a per-square-foot basis. It’s harder to continue to show growth in that metric after you become a leader, and harder still to do both of those things while also adding square footage.

But there are a few companies that can say they’ve accomplished the trifecta, according to new data from eMarketer that tracked more than 225 retailers — Kate Spade, Vince and Michael Kors are in the top 15 in each category.[…] Continue Reading »