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Ellen Beck Ellen Beck is a SmartBrief writer who contributes to health and wellness briefs. She has been a journalist for more than 30 years for print, wire service and online publications, and in radio news. She specializes in health care reporting and analysis.

It’s one thing to have a corporate food safety program but entirely another to make sure the executive suite is aware of its importance and the rest of the company buys into a food safety culture, experts said at the 2014 Food Safety Summit.

Food safety programs must be well-funded, integrated in all systems and departments, and receive support starting at the CEO level.[…] Continue Reading »

Hal Hamilton founded and now is co-director of the Sustainable Food Lab in Hartland, Vt., which helps companies adopt sustainability practices, gathers data on sustainability efforts and shares that information to promote the sustainability movement. He talks with SmartBlogs about how the lab works and the future of sustainable agriculture.

How did the Sustainable Food Lab get started and what are the priorities?[…] Continue Reading »

School nutrition experts have long touted the benefits of student breakfast programs, but some have found that breakfast-in-the-classroom models can be a tough sell to principals and other district officials.

Such programs now are generating some data, supporting the position that breakfast-in-the-classroom models may produce academic benefits and have a positive affect on district’s bottom lines, even bailing out less-financially lucrative student-meal programs.[…] Continue Reading »

Usually when someone pulls out their phone to snap a picture at a restaurant, it’s to document a particularly delicious or showstopping meal. Now, people are using photos to tell North Carolina State University assistant professor Benjamin Chapman about food safety issues. Chapman asked readers of his Barfblog to send photos to Instagram and Twitter showing what they perceive to be food safety problems at restaurants, grocery stores and other public facilities.[…] Continue Reading »

Food banks are bringing local farmers and school districts into collaborative programs that offer benefits for each of them and the communities they serve, leaders at three food banks said during a National Farm to School Network webinar.

The arrangement allows farmers to find new and sustainable markets along with ways to transport crops; food banks widen their community reach and schools get fresh produce for cafeterias and a new curriculum that gives students hands-on learning about agriculture and nutrition.[…] Continue Reading »