About the Social Media Team

Alongside the SmartBrief on Social Media e-newsletter, this blog is designed to act as a forum for the best and brightest marketers to discuss how Web 2.0 benefits business. Visit us often for advice and creative strategies from SmartBrief readers, marketers, and social media practitioners eager to share ideas and success stories.

We look forward to your participation in this collaboration.

Our Staff:
Stephen Yusko — Editor
Stephen Yusko edits marketing, advertising and media publications at SmartBrief, where he started as a copy editor for energy and chemicals newsletters. Before joining SmartBrief he worked at newspapers including The Augusta Chronicle in Augusta, Ga., and The State in Columbia, S.C.

Other Contributors:

Andy Sernovitz – Editor at Large 
Andy Sernovitz is author of “Word of Mouth Marketing” and the word of mouth marketing blog/newsletter “Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That.” Andy teaches Word of Mouth Marketing at Northwestern and the Word of Mouth Marketing Crash Course.